So I’m still not 100% sure what happened to the site but kind of died.

I think I must have deleted everything when I was cleaning up files in my web hosting account.

Fortunately though I had back-ups of everything and not only was I able to restore the site but I also changed the name and did a complete redesign.

I’m absolutely terrible at naming things and I really did not like the name Ultimate Origami so I changed it to something that’s a lot better I think.  It kind of fits the idea that this site is a place to learn origami as well as a giant collection of origami resources.

The site’s also been redesigned so it’s a bit simpler and the design isn’t so complicated.  It should also look alright no matter what size window or device you’re using to view the site.

I still have a giant back log of diagrams and crease patterns to add to the site and apparently a huge amount of the links that are there now are broken so I’ve got to do a massive clean up of those areas and add a bunch more stuff as well.

So keep visiting the site and hopefully I’ll have time to keep adding more diagrams, crease patterns and blog posts as well.

There’s still a few things that need to be cleaned up and possibly some weird glitches so just bear with me until I get everything with the new site settled down.