Now that 2018 is officially over the Best Origami of 2018 contest is a go! I figured it would be best to wait until January just incase some awesome origami snuck in there at the end of the year.

There will be 12 different categories of awards.

First we have some basic categories like:

  • The Best Animals of 2018
  • The Best Fish or Sea Creatures of 2018
  • The Best Birds of 2018
  • The Best Dragons of 2018
  • The Best Insects of 2018
  • The Best Reptiles, Amphibians and Dinosaurs of 2018
  • The Best Mythological or Religious Themed Models of 2018
  • The Best Modular Models of 2018
  • The Best Miscellaneous Models of 2018

The Miscellaneous category will catch anything awesome that didn’t fit into any of those previous categories.

In each of these categories there will be a winner and a runner up.

After that we have some more interesting ones such as:


The Best Origami Model of 2018

This will be the overall greatest origami model from the entire year regardless of who the designer and who the folder is.

You don’t have to have designed the model yourself to win in this category.


The Best New Design of 2018

This category will be the best new design of the year folded by the designer. Pretty self explanatory.


The Most Unique Idea or Take on an Existing Model

This category is something a bit more interesting and hard to explain. These will be models that are folded in a unique way or a very unique idea that you don’t normally see.

This category can include models designed by one person and folded by another in a unique way or just super creative ideas designed and folded by the same person.

In each of these three categories there will be a first place, second place and third place winner.


How this is all going to work

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be making a series of posts for each category showcasing all of the models I picked.

At the end of the post there will be a poll and you’ll be able to vote for which one you think is the best in that category.

I’ll leave the voting open for each post for 2 weeks and then the poll will be closed.

After the last poll is closed I’ll do a final post announcing all the winners in all the categories.

I don’t really have any rules for the voting. If you want you can vote for your own model and you can ask friends and family members to vote too.

The plugin I’ll use to make the polls will probably only allow one vote per IP address though so you can’t repeatedly vote for your own model.

The winners will receive bragging rights and I’ll create a special graphic they can share on their own websites or social media pages.

The winning models will also be immortalized forever on the site in a special Awards section I’m going to create.

I thought about offering some kind of prizes but I don’t have much of a budget, I didn’t really come up with any ideas and I think a lot of the winners will be people from all over the world who may not even speak English which would make that all difficult.

So over the next week or so I’m going to be going through all the 2018 work from everyone who’s given me permission to feature their work on the site.

I’ll start putting up the posts for you all to vote as soon as I can depending on how busy I am over the next couple of weeks.

If you want to have your origami considered for the contest and you haven’t given me permission before you can contact me here.

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