This is a very common base that is used in a ton of origami models, especially when making birds.

Bird Base Step 1

1) Start off with a square base.


Bird Base Step 2

2) Make two valley folds along the black lines


Bird Base Step 3

3) The completed valley folds. Crease the folds well and unfold them.


Bird Base Step 4

4) Now make another valley fold across the top along the line. You’re going be to making a Petal Fold.


Bird Base Step 5

5) The completed valley fold. Crease this fold well and then unfold it.


Bird Base Step 6

6) Now lift up the top flap and fold it back across the crease you just made near the top.


Bird Base Step 7

7) As you raise the flap up fold the edges along the creases you made in step 2.


Bird Base Step 8

8) This is the end result. Most of the folds should fall in place because of the creases you made earlier.


Bird Base Step 9

9) Turn the paper over and repeat steps 2 to 8 on the other side. This is the completed bird base.


Bird Base Step 10

If you open the paper up you’ll see the following moutain (black) and valley (red) folds.


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