Flower and Plant Crease Patterns

This page of origami crease patterns lists different flower and plant models showing how to fold things like roses or leaves.

Crease patterns marked with a heart indicate models that I think look especially awesome. The difficulty ranges from beginner > easy > intermediate > advanced > super complex. The difficulty is purely based on how complicated I think the crease pattern looks. The models are sorted alphabetically by their name.

Difficulty Model Name Designer CP Available From
Easy Andrea’s Rose J.C. Nolan Happy Folding
Easy Carnivorous Plant Andres Sanchez Passion Origami
Easy Crystalized Rose Kawasaki origami.com
Intermediate Leaf 5 Kei Takeuchi takeuchi2’s Flickr
Easy Miura-ken Beauty Rose Robert Lang Robert J. Lang Origami
Beginner Rose Noboru Miyajima Origami Creator’s Fantasia
Easy Rosebud Rudolf Deeg FaltKunst

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