Reptile, Dinosaur and Amphibian Crease Patterns

This page has origami crease patterns for all kinds of reptiles, lizards, dinosaurs and even amphibians.

Crease patterns marked with a heart indicate models that I think look especially awesome. The difficulty ranges from beginner > easy > intermediate > advanced > super complex. The difficulty is purely based on how complicated I think the crease pattern looks. The models are sorted alphabetically by their name.

Difficulty Model Name Designer CP Available From
Beginner Baby Dinosaur Sebastian Arellano Passion Origami
Intermediate Brontosaurus Richard Galindo Flores Richard Galindo Flores’ Flickr
Intermediate Crocodile Manuel Sirgo Alvarez Passion Origami
Easy Deinonychus Kyu-seok Oh Passion Origami
Intermediate Deinonychus Satoshi Kamiya folders.jp
Easy Frilled Neck Lizard Gen Hagiwara Gen Hagiwara’s Flickr
Easy Frog Noboru Miyajima Origami Creator’s Fantasia
Intermediate Frog Chad Killeen Blue Paper’s Flickr
Beginner Frog Komatsu Hideo Origami Plans
Intermediate Japanese Tree Frog Satoshi Kamiya folders.jp
Intermediate Life of a Frog Arunori Neorigami
Intermediate Lizard John Szinger Zing-Man Origami
Easy Plesiosaur WhisperPuffin WhisperPuffin’s Flickr
Intermediate Pteranodon Satoshi Kamiya folders.jp
Easy SD Triceratops Gen Hagiwara Gen Hagiwara’s Flickr
Easy SD Tyrannosaurus Gen Hagiwara Gen Hagiwara’s Flickr
Intermediate Snapping Turtle John Szinger Zing-Man Origami
Intermediate Spinosaurus Shuki Kato Origami-Artist-Galen’s Deviant Art
Intermediate Styracosaurus Satoshi Kamiya folders.jp
Beginner Toad Roman Diaz Passion Origami
Beginner Triceratops Kyu-seok Oh Passion Origami
Easy Turtle Gen Hagiwara Gen Hagiwara’s Flickr
Easy Tyrannosaurus Noboru Miyajima Origami Creator’s Fantasia
Intermediate Tyrannosaurus Gen Hagiwara Step 1, Step 2
Easy Tyrannosaurus Origoku Origoku’s Flickr

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