This fold is very similar to the origami Pleat and Outside Reverse Fold. It’s almost like an outside reverse Pleat or something like that.

Crimp Step 1

1) For the sake of this example I’m starting out with a square folded in half


Crimp Step 2

2) Fold a section of the paper to the side like in the Pleat.


Crimp Step 3

3) Fold the paper back so you have a Pleat.


Crimp Step 4

4) Open the paper up and you can see the creases you made.


Crimp Step 5

5) Fold the paper back along the vertical creases to make another Pleat.


Crimp Step 6

6) The finished Crimp.


Crimp Step 7

From the side you can see that it’s kind of like two Pleats.


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