This is probably the most famous model in origami and is probably the first thing I learned how to fold. Supposedly if you fold a thousand of these you get a ton of good luck.

Origami Crane Step 1

1) Start off with a Bird Base. Once you have the Bird Base you’re actually almost done.


Origami Crane Step 2

2) Fold a side to the center line following my black line.


Origami Crane Step 3

3) This is what it looks like after that fold.


Origami Crane Step 4

4) Do the same thing to the other side.


Origami Crane Step 5

5) Once you’ve folded both those sides flip the model over and fold both the sides to the center again.


Origami Crane Step 6

6) Now you want to make a Valley fold along the black line.


Origami Crane Step 7

7) This is what the fold looks like.


Origami Crane Step 8

8) Flip the model over and fold along the same crease but in the other direction. We’re going to do an Inside Reverse Fold here.


Origami Crane Step 9

9) Here we are making an Inside Reverse Fold with the creases we just made.


Origami Crane Step 10

10) Here is what the model looks like after the fold is complete.


Origami Crane Step 11

11) Do steps 6 to 10 on the other side so your model looks like the one in the picture.


Origami Crane Step 12

12) We’re now going to do another Inside Reverse Fold to make the head. Fold the paper one way.


Origami Crane Step 13

13) Fold the paper the other way on the other side.


Origami Crane Step 14

14) Make an Inside Reverse Fold on those two creases you just made. My Crane’s head doesn’t look that great because the paper I’m using is really thick.


Origami Crane Step 15

15) Fold the wings down and you have the completed Crane.


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