Tessellation Jewelry Hand Made by Ilan Garibi

Ilan Garibi is a master of origami tessellations. A while ago in one of our This Week in Origami posts we posted a photo of a tessellation he somehow folded out of brass. He’s since taken this technique and applied it to making origami jewelry out of his tessellations.

His work is exclusively sold from Origami-Shop.com and features several different pendant designs using metals like gold and rhodium. He even has some pretty unique looking pendant versions of crease patterns for some of his tessellation designs. It’s definitely some of the most interesting and unique looking jewelry we’ve seen.

Templar Garden Tessellation Pendant

This pendant is available either gold coated or made out of rhodium in a few different sizes. Links are below:

Gold Coated 3.5cm x 3.5cm | Gold Coated 6cm x 6cm | Rhodium 5cm x 5cm

Templar Garden Front


Templar Garden Back


Hexaflower Pendant

Here’s another absolutely beautiful tessellation pendant design from Ilan Garibi. Unfortunately we don’t think this one is available for sale anywhere right now.

More Tessellation Jewelry

Here are a few more excellent tessellation pendants available from Origami-Shop.com. Links to each piece are below the photos.

Tessellation Crease Pattern Pendants

Ilan Garibi has made another series of very unique tessellation pendants. These are basically the crease patterns of several of his tessellation designs. A crease pattern is the pattern left on the paper after the model has been unfolded. Often the creases form a very unique design.

Origami Animal Jewelry Hand Made by Jamber Jewels

Jamber Jewels produces some very cute minimalist, animal and origami-themed jewelry. It’s all hand-made by a mother who lives in California. The name “Jamber” is a combination of both her kids names and a lot of her design inspiration comes from her kids.

All her jewelry is made of pure Sterling Silver 925. There are no base metals such as copper, nickel, zinc or aluminum which means no allergic reactions. Every piece comes in a cute tin can that’s ready for gifting as well. Most pieces are simple geometric animals that look just like an animal folded out of paper.

Check out Jamber Jewels' Full Collection Here

Hand Made Origami Jewelry by Hanfly

Hanfly makes a wide variety of different jewelry including several origami-themed pieces. Most items are made out of Sterling Silver and come in either plain silver, gold-coated or rose gold-coated.

This jewelry is designed based on outlines of the shapes in completed origami animals. The result is some very interesting geometric patterned animal jewelry. Below are some of our favourite Hanfly necklaces but there are much more origami-themed necklaces, rings and more in the complete collection linked below. That dinosaur necklace is probably our favourite.

Check out Hanfly's Full Collection Here

Hand Made Origami Jewelry by Glori Kami

Glori Kami is an Etsy store who also makes a ton of really excellent origami animal themed necklaces. These necklaces are based one the lines and shapes you see in completed origami models. All necklaces are made out of gold-plated brass.

There’s a really excellent selection of different species of dogs and dinosaurs. If you love either dogs or dinosaurs you’ll definitely want to take a look. There are lots of other excellent animals designs as well.

The store is based in Thailand but they ship worldwide.

Check out Glori Kami's Full Collection Here

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