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this is one serious awesome origami site i have come across. I am sharing your posts for other people to search, read and share more on origami here as well

Aaron Shepley

I myself have been doing origami for quite some time(off and on) and do aspire to get better at it currently i am trying to get back into it to the level where i was at i used to make flying dragons a little simpler than models on here but still some cutting involved i would definitely like to be able to do that again and i must say it really blew my mind seeing the stuff you made here i would certainly like to be able to do that for myself but i must say you definitely have really nice work here.


hey i want to get an account on but i don’t know how. p.s. that is some serious folding skill

a person



Hey love it! Don’t give up. I was just trolling origami sites and stumbled across your work. I have a dream of designing and folding the entire tabernacle of the bible, but am no where close to where your at.