Mythological Creature and Dragon Diagrams

These are origami diagrams for various mythological creatures such as dragons, unicorns, angels and other creatures from various mythologies and legends.

Diagrams marked with a heart indicate models that I think look especially awesome. The difficulty ranges from beginner > easy > intermediate > advanced > super complex. The difficulty is purely based on how difficult I think the model is to fold based on the diagrams. The models are sorted alphabetically by their name.

Difficulty Model Name Designer Diagrams Available From
Easy Angel Neal Elias Gabriel Vong’s Ori-Scope
Beginner Angel Origami Diagram Origami Diagram
Easy Angel Origami Diagram Origami Diagram
Beginner Angel Rafal Sabata Design in Origami
Easy Centaur Noboru Miyajima Origami Creator’s Fantasia
Easy Centaur Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Cherub Herman Van Goubergen Gabriel Vong’s Ori-Scope
Advanced Chinese Dragon Hoang Trung Thanh Passion Origami
Easy Chinese Dragon Peter Budhai origami.kulichki.ru
Advanced Chinese Dragon Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Daedalus Gabriel Alvarez Gabriel Vong’s Ori-Scope
Easy Dama Mario Adrados Netto Spanish Origami Association
Easy Dragon David Brill webfilms.ca
Easy Dragon Fernando Gilgado Gomez Spanish Origami Association
Beginner Dragon Gilad Aharoni Gilad’s Origami Page
Easy Dragon John Szinger Zing-Man Origami
Easy Dragon Jozsef Zsebe Origami Deutschland
Easy Dragon Mark Orme Happy Folding
Easy Dragon Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Dragon T.P. Kong T.P. Kong’s Origami Website
Beginner Dragon Traditional origami-make.com
Easy Dragon in Flight Charles Esseltine Happy Folding
Intermediate Dragon Head Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Eastern Dragon Joseph Wu Joseph Wu Origami
Easy Fairy David Brill Brilliant Origami
Beginner Ghost Manuel Sirgo Alvarez Passion Origami
Easy Pegasus Angel Soto Design in Origami
Easy Pegasus Francois Verdier Pliage de Papier
Easy Pegasus T.P. Kong T.P. Kong’s Origami Website
Beginner Phantom Jonny Bravo Passion Origami
Advanced Phoenix Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Phoenix Head Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Beginner Queen of the Ghosts Manuel Alvarez Passion Origami
Easy Rearing Dragon Marc Kirschenbaum p. 1, p. 2, p. 3, p. 4, p. 5, p. 6
Easy Siren Luca Vitagliano Centro Diffusione Origami
Intermediate Three Wise Monkeys Nicholas Terry Passion Origami
Easy Winged Tiger J. Anibal Voyer The Spanish Origami Association
Easy Witch on Broomstick Unknown Spanish Origami Association
Advanced Wyvern Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro

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