People Diagrams

This page has origami diagrams that show how to fold different people or various human-shaped models.

Diagrams marked with a heart indicate models that I think look especially awesome. The difficulty ranges from beginner > easy > intermediate > advanced > super complex. The difficulty is purely based on how difficult I think the model is to fold based on the diagrams. The models are sorted alphabetically by their name.

Difficulty Model Name Designer Diagrams Available From
Easy Ballerina Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Beginner Bride and Groom Joseph Wu Joseph Wu Origami
Easy Conquistador Neal Elias The Spanish Origami Association
Easy Cool Dad Marcela Brina Artis Bellus
Easy Dancer Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Female Person Kaze Pliage de Papier
Easy Girl in a Dress Stephen Weiss BARF
Easy Hairy Man Nick Robinson Gabriel Vong’s Ori-Scope
Intermediate Jester Fernando Gilgado Gabriel Vong’s Ori-Scope
Easy Jesus Quentin Trollip Live Origami
Beginner Origameeple Gilad Aharoni Gilad’s Origami Page
Easy Scuba Steve Wonko Neorigami
Easy Sorcerer Perry Bailey part 1, part 2, part 3
Easy Snowboarder Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Super Dude Wonko Neorigami
Easy Surfer on a Wave Jeremy Shafer BARF
Easy Twins Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro

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