Videogame Diagrams

These are origami diagrams of things from different video games such as Pokemon or Final Fantasy.

Diagrams marked with a heart indicate models that I think look especially awesome. The difficulty ranges from beginner > easy > intermediate > advanced > super complex. The difficulty is purely based on how difficult I think the model is to fold based on the diagrams. The models are sorted alphabetically by their name.

Difficulty Model Name Designer Diagrams Available From
Easy Charizard Aojisan yin.or.jp/user/ono/
Beginner Charmander Aojisan ori.axono.jp
Beginner Cyndaquil Aojisan ori.axono.jp
Easy Dralthi Antoine Rudin Pliage de Papier
Beginner Pikachu Robert Lang origami.com
Beginner Pikachu Aojisan yin.or.jp/user/ono/
Easy Quake 3 Symbol Pucci Mauro Origami Mauro
Easy Raikou Aojisan ori.axono.jp
Easy Rayquazza Aojisan ori.axono.jp
Easy Torchic Aojisan yin.or.jp/user/ono/

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