Origami Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are an excellent way to learn how to fold origami because you can see exactly how each of the steps work including in-between parts that you can’t easily figure out from diagrams.

This section of our website contains a giant index of origami video tutorials sorted into the same categories as our diagrams and crease patterns sections. If you like any of these tutorials please like, comment and subscribe to the YouTuber’s channel to show them some support.

Video Categories

Animal Origami Diagrams

Land Animals and Mammals

Origami Bird Diagrams

Birds and Bats

Origami Fish Diagrams

Fish and Sea Creatures

Origami Lizard Diagrams

Reptiles, Dinosaurs and Amphibians

Origami Insect Diagrams


Origami Mythological Creature Diagrams

Mythological Creatures and Dragons

Origami Flower and Plant Diagrams

Flowers and Plants

Anime and Cartoon Origami Diagrams

Anime and Cartoons

Holiday Origami Diagrams


Videogame Origami Diagrams


Science Fiction Diagrams

Science Fiction

Origami Box Diagrams

Boxes and Containers

Origami Shape Diagrams

Shapes and Modular

Origami People Diagrams


Origami Vehicle Diagrams




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