I saw a lot of new origami video tutorials this week which was surprising seeing as Christmas is only a couple of days away now.

There were multiple tutorials for paper stars and more than one for a yin yang symbol.

We’ll start off this post with 3 videos from Mariano Zavala B. The first one is for a yin yang symbol with a modification that makes a Korean Taegeuk version. The other two videos make up an almost 7 hour tutorial for Satoshi Kamiya’s awesome Ancient Dragon. This is a very difficult model so be ready before you attempt this!


Paper Kawaii made a tutorial for a very cool roll-up box as well as a 5-pointed star that you can fold with just a regular square sheet of paper.


Keeping things Christmassy Jo Nakashima uploaded this great little reindeer tutorial.


Joost Langeveld created this tutorial for another star, this time a 3D version.


Jeremy Shafer made two video tutorials for a mini magic ball, one folded from a sheet of printer paper and the other from a dollar bill.


EzOrigami put together this tutorial for another paper star that’s designed by Alphonsus Nonog.


Leyla Torres made this tutorial for Fabián Correa’s angel. It’s another model that’s perfect to fold for Christmas.


Since Henry Phạm is a Pokemon origami master and Christmas is almost here here’s a new tutorial for a Pikachu in a Santa hat.


Hoang Tien Quyet is back with a new video for a paper ribbon. This ribbon is perfect for adding on top of a Christmas present.


Myguid0 made this tutorial for another great paper plane, a Panavia Tornado.


Finally this week we have a second tutorial for Mi Wu’s Yin Yang. What are the odds of seeing two new tutorials for the same model in one week?


Special Selection

Our special selection this week is another origami angel that’s perfect to fold over Christmas. It’s not too difficult but looks impressive.


That’s it for this week and this will be our last post until some time after Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas and happy new year everyone and if you fold any of these models feel free to share a photo with us here or on any of our social media sites.