These instructions will show you how to fold a simple origami bat. This model is perfect for Halloween.

If this is your first time folding something we recommend you check out our Beginner’s Guide first to learn all the basic folds.

Bat Step 1

Step 1) Fold the paper in half and then unfold it.

Bat Step

Step 2) Fold the paper in half the other way.

Bat Step 3

Step 3) Mountain Fold both layers of paper behind the model along the dotted line.

Bat Step 4

Step 4) Make a Pleat Fold along the dotted lines on each side.

Bat Step 5

Step 5) Fold the top of the paper on each side down along the dotted lines.

Bat Step 6

Step 6) Turn the paper over.

Bat Step 7

Step 7) Fold both sides of the bottom of the paper along the dotted lines.

Bat Step 8

Step 8) Fold the top part of the model down and flatten everything. The circle shows how it should look as you fold it down.

The completed origami bat

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