Origami Box

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Florent Fabre

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve added some helpful images and videos to make things easier for you (especially step 17). I hope this helps!


This box is really good and I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.


so cool just made it an it turned out great


I found step 17 really confusing, I eventually figured out that if you pinch above where the dotted line is then slowly pull it open then it will start to look like the next step, hold the pinch and complete the fold that starts to form to finish it

Hope this helps


I like this ORIGAMI


Thanks for your very clear instructions. 20+ years since I made these and now I share this joy with my children


This is SUPER EASY. YOU GUYS DID A GOOD JOB MAKING THIS. :-)*Im watching you when you are sleeping*(-:


I’m using most of these instructions and pictures to show Brownies how to make boxes. We’re making Peppermint creams to go inside them.
For the tricky stage (17+) I’m describing it as follows:
Push your index fingernails into the diagonal ‘valley’ creases near the top.
Slide your thumbs into the middle line and open each side up towards the ceiling.
With your middle fingers, grab the back of the paper and pull out your index fingers. Pinch in the sides between your thumbs and middle fingers.
With your index fingers, bring the top flap down over the top and fold into place.
Hope that helps others!

cute gorilla

this is good thanks


Oh! I love this Orgami Box even though I didn’t do very good! 🙂

Lucas Zhuo

Awesome ????


I loved the project!! I still had trouble making it but I still made it.

Lucas Zhuo

Me too, but I didn’t give up.


ty 😀


This was fun! Thank you for helping all of us beginner origami strangers make a box!


Many years ago someone taught me how to make these boxes. I am a retired teacher. Each year my second graders would bring Christmas cards to class, after Christmas. Those cards would supply me with cards for the next year’s class. I already had a stash for the first year. I would select cards whose fronts had a design or picture that would show up on the top of the box when folded. I cut the cards fronts into the square needed for the box top. I cut the back of the card into a slightly smaller square for the box bottom. The students selected a card to make a cute little box that we would hang like an ornament on our class Christmas tree. They wrote a special greeting to their parents on a slip of paper and put the note inside. They slipped a loop of yarn into the box before closing it to make a hanger. They, of course, would take their box home just before Christmas break. I had the students practice making boxes with paper first since paper is easier to fold than the cardstock greeting cards. They learned to make their own squares by folding a sheet of paper diagonally and cutting off the excess. It made two triangle shapes. After cutting off the excess they folded the paper into opposite corners so the folds created intersecting lines, showing the exact center of the square needed to make the boxes. Hands-on Math in action! They loved making these boxes. Upon retiring, I offered a box making class at the local senior center. I discovered that tablets of scrapbook paper is already cut into squares and is quite decorative. For senior hands it was easy for them to fold the boxes using the scrapbook paper. Greeting cards made of cardstock require a little more finger muscle to fold a sharp exacting crease so practicing with paper helps with the basics before tackling the sturdier cardstock. I also showed them they could fold sturdier boxes using cereal boxes. I asked my students and the seniors what they would suggest putting into the boxes when used as gift boxes. They suggested: Love notes, engagement rings, money, jewelry, and candy. Other suggestions were for buttons, nuts and bolts, garden seeds, sewing notions, board game parts, small cosmetics, bulletin board tacks. These boxes are just so much fun to make, but even more fun to show others how to make them. It’s such a satisfying positive experience.


i wish i was your student ????


Janice, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but that suggestion to make these out of Christmas cards is BRILLIANT! Thanks!

Witty Favour

It got confusing at step 17-18, but I figured it out and now I have a beautiful box