Origami Box

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didnt work cant find video i blame each and everyone of you


Oh yes. Everyhting was going great until step 17, then I got confused.


Step 17 is where the instructions got confusing. Everywhere else is easy to follow, I just dont understand step 17.
I guess thats just a classic thing for this site. Everything is perfect, but just ONE step confuses the whole thing.

Kimberly Mendez

I looks good


I love this origami Masu Box I have memorized it by heart, making a bunch for my family. Who knew I would make a career out of making Boxes?!


Hardest: 17-18


Do you have instructions for an accompanying lid?


There’s instructions at the end for making a lid. You make it pretty much the same as the box itself just with a slight modification to one of the steps.


I love this box! It was pretty hard at number 17, I had to ask my mom for help.


Yeah, that’s definitely the hardest part of this model.


IT ᗪIᗪᑎ’T ᗯOᖇK ᖴOᖇ ᗰE ᗷEᑕᗩᑌᔕE I ᔕᑌᑕK ᗩT OᖇIGᗩᗰI ᗷᑌT I ᔕTIᒪᒪ TᖇIEᗪ ᗰY ᕼᗩᖇᗪEᔕT


The directions are perfect! Use crisp paper and make strong creases in the folding. At step #17 know where the bottom on the box will be and take helped me with the next few steps. Using crisp paper and making strong creases, the box popped into place! Thanks for this. I love having projects that I can do with just a piece of paper!


This was really easy to follow, best one yet! Thank you. It came put perfect 🙂


The box is so confusing! I gave up! Its so hard can any one help?!

person 2

Yes! It is! Sorry can’t Help.

Khairul Hafiz

It’s damn easy idk which part are you confused at?


Use crisp paper and make strong creases. Also at step #17 know where the bottom on the box will be and that helps make sense of those next few steps. My first box popped into place with these tips!

Barbara Stull

I made 23 of these about 12 years ago to give tiny Christmas ornaments to my 2nd grade class and haven’t made any since. Kind of forgot how. So glad to find instructions again.

Barbara Webster

I have a box made by a Japanese friend that is 1¾ × ¾ in. which seems to have 17 smaller boxes inside it. Incredible & beautiful.


Thank you for this. This one of the easiest tutorials I have come across, our schools KS3 maths classes will be making these now at Christmas! We’re thinking of doing it with wrapping paper to make some nice Christmas gift boxes.


How did that work out! I think wrapping paper is too thin but christmas scrapbooking paper (12″) made some nice boxes! and heavy enough to stand up to a little pressure. 😉


Thank you so much for the easy tutorial!! ♥


After 17 its very unclear? COuld you have like a 17a and 17b or something ?


This is the trickiest step and I don’t really know how to draw it halfway. Try un-folding the top layers back out to the left and the right.

While you do that fold the bottom layer up along that horizontal dotted line while also making valley folds along the two diagonal lines.

Those are all existing creases so as you unfold the top two layers back out you can kind of push the paper together and it should take on the shape in the next step.

Hope this helps.


This is great – thanks! Would love to know what size paper you need to make different sized boxes if you know? Else I will have to find out by practicing I suppose.


I believe the length and width of the bottom of the final box is roughly 1/4 the size of the original paper. Hope that helps!

Miser Mom

A mathematician (who made a bunch of these boxes) is going to chime in: the box is actually closer to 1/sqrt(8) the size of the paper. I know that’s super geeky: that’s just a tad bigger than 1/3. So, a 12″ square of paper made a box that was 4.5″ wide and 2.25 inches high.

Thanks for these instructions! I used them to make last year’s calendars into next year’s gift boxes!

Leila Ann

Got it down and I now have a box to hold the other finished origami products


Things got confusing at step 17…. please help 🙁


Yeah, this is probably the hardest step. You need to open up the paper unfolding the two folds on each side.

As you do that you need to also fold along the dotted lines there, those creases are already there.

This kind of pinches in the sides and will give you the 3D shape on the side that you see in the next step. You can use that next step as a reference.


I know it really did but I eventually understand it


Think outside the box


its pretty easy just slowly pull the triangles till they are halfway up

Sedney Mathurin

It’s easy,just practice ok????????????????



Random Person

It worked perfectly, now I have box to put my ring in. The instructions were easy to follow along to and I give this origami box a 4 out of 5 stars.


Glad you liked it!


please explain step 17

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