Traditional Paper Crane

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D Tan

Love the way the instructions are written. Thank you! I made my first crane!!


This wasn’t easy, but I just made my first paper crane! Thank you!

Florent Fabre

Congrats! The crane isn’t the easiest origami.


I used the wrong kind of paper but it still worked very well!

Florent Fabre

Glad to hear it! The Kami 15×15 works well for this crane. You can learn more about origami paper here.


It took half an hour, but I made a recognizable origami crane in the end. I’m gonna call him Birdstrike.

Florent Fabre

Great job! Feel free to share a picture of it 🙂

Gursimarpreet singh

paper crane is easy and nice


No way you think this was easy :skull:




[…] How to Fold a Traditional Origami Crane […]


This is amazing.

Steph M

I have just found your website and its great! I love the guide to Origami paper very helpful.
I have been making paper cranes for 20 years and I even got to place 1000 at the peace memorial in Hiroshima Japan in 2019.
I currently have about 6000 more at home and I hope you break a world record at some point.
Thank you for your website so I can share my love fort Origami and Paper cranes 🙂


Have never made a Crane before today, and these steps were SO easy to follow. My lil’ bird is sitting on my windowsill now. If you can’t follow these instructions, then I am sorry to say that it must be you, not the wonderful person who created this space for us. Looking forward to trying out another animal later. <3


Thanks for the kind words!


Everything was good until I reached the inside reverse fold. Still unsure how to do that


Check the beginner’s guide if you need help with any of the folds


Thank you very much.
Your instructions really clear for me. It’s really helpful when I try to make my orizuru.


This isn’t helping at all, I don’t even understand how one part turns into the other. I guess I need to keep trying to achieve the perfect Traditional Paper Crane. Thanks for the ‘not’ so useful instructions.

Cheese Burger

this is so really really hard I had to get my friend to help with it from step 7 till it was finished????????????????????????????????????????


[…] took me about five-and-a-half careful minutes to fold one paper crane, a meditative process that gradually calmed the overactive fight-flight part of my tired brain. […]


How do you fold other stuff?