Traditional Paper Crane

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Bean Master

step 14-16 cant be done I need help


This is impossible. Step 16 can only be done by defying the laws of physics

Claire Xu

I am stuck still on the first step ????????????????????????????. Can someone please help me?


You just need to fold it into a triangular shape. Make sure that you don’t have any parts that are off.


i am confused trough 25-29 can some one help me?


that is a good origin crane ^..^


I’m really proud to make my first ORIZURU. I just need to do more practice and ensure i hit the 1,000 target to get the wish and happiness in my life… hehe


hello can someone help me i am little……… please!!!!!



How do you do steps14-16?


no idea


hi this wasn’t very easy but i got a good result


how did you do step 14?

Allison Newman

easy peasy

Charilynn Serrano

This is a nice example how to make origami. Thank you Mr Peacock!


there are a ridiculous amount of unnecessary steps in this


The instructions are designed for beginners. I’ve had a bunch of people tell me they had trouble with instructions that just said things like “repeat these steps on the other side” which is why I drew out every step here. Once you’re familiar with the folding sequence you can definitely skip over some of these steps, especially with some of the Inside Reverse Folds.

Archangela Woolridge

I got about halfway through and got confused. Any suggestions?


Which step are you stuck on?


How do you do step 4


You open that flap of paper and push the whole thing flat into the diamond shape you see in the next step.


I definitely would not recommend this version. I was a kid and made over a hundred cranes to put on a string- I think I got close to 300 in just a weekend. This version is extremely difficult and full of unnecessary foldds so that if you are working with 3×3 paper (I am working with 4×4) and the folds were still ridiculous and created creases that you can’t do anything with.

Try a different website. There are way too many steps and I think that other versions look way better than this.


When you get better you can definitely skip some of the folds like the ones that make reverse folds a bit easier but these are really detailed instructions for beginners. If it’s a traditional origami crane everyone will follow the same steps. You might be confusing this model with the traditional flapping bird. That has less steps and a thicker neck and tail.

Archangela Woolridge

Yeah, I agree. Way too confusing an extra unnecessary steps.


Once done with 13, you raise the top flap of the paper and pull it to the top of the model, whilst you’re doing that, both sides fold inwards along the folds in #13


Wow, it’s so easy to fold paper with your instructions! Thanks for your work!


Just i can say “such a wow”
Tank you so much.


Your drawings are exquisite. Would you be willing to allow them to be reprinted in a memoir?


Hi, what do you mean?

Janie Braverman

I’m writing a family memoir about my adult son, who has a serious brain injury. We folded a thousand paper cranes for him. One of the things I’m writing about is that experience. I’d like to include in the book (which, yes, I would like to eventually publish) instructions for how to fold a paper crane. Your directions are beautiful, elegant and exactly what I’m looking for. You can reach me directly at my email address if you’re willing to talk about letting me use the drawings.


It’s my first craft ever…Can’t express the joy I’m feeling right now.

Instructions were very clear.

Thank you.

Mahesh Da

Yo, Hullo You bunch are awesome people. I wanna make an origami kingdom. Will you immigrate their?

robyn b

i will gladly move if u have origami mashed potatoes


Hahah me too!


I will come!!


Ummmm……. I did not understand anything past step 14…

My brother can make paper cranes that is smaller than his fingernail, and I can’t make anything… Lol

Archangela Woolridge

Wow, that’s tiny.


Who cooollll


Thanks for the explanation


thanks for the instructions

Mary Clare Hill

What size paper do I need to start with to end up with a crane that fits into a 2″x2″ box?

Roughly speaking I’d say you need around 3″ x 3″ of paper to get the crane to fit in that box.

This is going to depend a bit on how you fold it, what angles the neck and tail are at, if the wings are folded up or down, etc.

Try with a 3″ x 3″ square of paper and see if that works and then adjust up or down if you need.

That’s going to be a pretty tiny crane though so good luck!

Allison Newman

paper cranes are easy


hard actually


No it’s not gurl I’ve made like more than 3 cranes in a day.this is what I call…Pro skills!!!

Kim G

I have made almost 500 cranes this summer. My goal is to reach 1000 before the end of the year. Once you get going they are really easy!


These are the best directions ever!


This is a great introductory origami guide, great job!

Claire Xu