Origami Butterfly

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Sorry for the frustrated message, the step 19 to 20 makes absolutely no sense to me either. I think we see here the limits of following instruction in 2D. I don’t think origami is for me, at least with instruction in 2D.


I did this a few times and it just didn’t work, it wasn’t folding right and the tail was one complete piece. So I went to a different site and it had a few different steps and it came out how it was supposed to. There must be something wrong in this diagram, or I was doing something wrong, but I think someone needs to fix something.

Kathryn Fuller

How do you post a photo?

Kathryn Fuller

I did the crane, jumping frog, box and butterfly. I think I did pretty good for my first try! Thanks for the easy diagrams, they are so easy to follow!


What is step #20 a picture of? Can someone take a picture and show a picture of what that step looks like? I’m struggling to understand it. Please help me.


and 20


i got stuck with 21 and 22