Origami Butterfly

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Florent Fabre

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we’ve added some images, gifs, and videos to make this traditional origami butterfly a lot easier for you. Steps 19 and 20 are now step 12. Enjoy 🦋

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I am going 2 make these for a party what type of paper do u suggest

Florent Fabre

Hi Tia, The Kami 15×15 is great in terms of budget and colors. You can go smaller for cuter butterflies, but it’s going to be more difficult to fold them. You can find our paper guide here.

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I believe that steps 19-20 require either more pictures, or maybe a video. Thank you.

Florent Fabre

I updated the step 19 with a gif and a video.


Sorry for the frustrated message, the step 19 to 20 makes absolutely no sense to me either. I think we see here the limits of following instruction in 2D. I don’t think origami is for me, at least with instruction in 2D.

Kathryn Fuller

How do you post a photo?

Florent Fabre

Hi Kathryn, There is a small icon just above the “Post Comment” button. I’d love to see more pictures in the comments 🙂

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Kathryn Fuller

I did the crane, jumping frog, box and butterfly. I think I did pretty good for my first try! Thanks for the easy diagrams, they are so easy to follow!


What is step #20 a picture of? Can someone take a picture and show a picture of what that step looks like? I’m struggling to understand it. Please help me.


and 20


i got stuck with 21 and 22