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Best Origami of 2018

The Best Origami of 2018 Awards Extravaganza is On!

Now that 2018 is officially over the Best Origami of 2018 contest is a go! I figured it would be best to wait until January just incase some awesome origami snuck in there at the end of the year.…

Christmas Origami

Yule Want to Check Out this Christmas Origami – Plus a Special Gift from Me

First up a quick note about that best origami of 2018 contest I wanted to do. That's still happening and I should be making a post with all the details for that contest soon so be sure to keep an eye…

Colourful Fireworks

Possible 2018 Origami Awards Extravaganza? Give Me Your Thoughts!

So I’ve been thinking of putting together some kind of 2018 End-of-the-Year Origami Awards and I’d like to get some feedback. My initial thought is to come up with some categories such as “the best…

Halloween Origami

2018 Spooky Halloween Origami Extravaganza!

I couldn't miss an opportunity to do a Halloween themed origami post this year and since I haven't posted in a while here's an extra big awesome collection of Halloween origami! I don't have much…

Viking Longboat

Fantastic Viking and Norse Themed Origami for Leif Erikson Day

October 9th is known as Leif Erikson Day, an observance that honours the Norse explorer Leif Erikson who is believed to be the first European to ever set foot in North America. The date itself…

Eastern Dragon

I’m just Winging this Post Full of Incredible Eastern Style Origami Dragons

This is an update to an older post that was kind of popular but didn't really have that many images in it. I've decided to go back and add in a few more because there are a lot of really great…

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