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We have the largest database of instructions anywhere on the Internet. Whether you're looking for diagrams, crease patterns or even video tutorials you'll be sure to find something to fold in our database.

Beautiful Folded Goldfish


Step by step diagrams are the most common and popular way to show how to fold almost anything.

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Crease Patterns

Crease patterns are the pattern left on the paper when the model has been completely unfolded.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are great because you can see exactly how the paper moves in-between each step.

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The Latest Posts from Our Blog

Most of our blog posts are galleries of amazing models folded by some very talented folders. You’ll also find news, book reviews, tips, new video tutorials and much more.

Origami Sea Creatures

I’m a Really Big “Fin” of this Origami from Under the Sea

In this post we're going to take a look at another excellent round of origami from under the sea. We're talking fish, crustaceans, cephalopods and more! First up is an absolutely beautiful…

Cool Origami People

Lots of Really Cool Different Kinds of Origami People

Animals are probably the most commonly folded type of origami but there are a lot of cool looking people designs. All kinds of different people from all walks of life from any point in history can be…

18 Mind-Blowing Origami Dinosaur Skeletons

Mind-Blowing Origami Dinosaur Skeletons

This post was originally made back on April 7, 2016. Since then I've found a ton of other amazing dinosaur skeleton models. It's not quite enough for a new post so I've gone back to this one and…

Origami Birds, No Egret

I Don’t Egret Showing You these Amazing Origami Birds One Bit

I have some more time to work on the site again so I'm going to try to get some more regular posts going up again. In this post we're going to take a look at a whole bunch of really great origami…

New Expressions in Origami Art

New Expressions in Origami Art Review, A Beautiful Coffee Table Book

Disclaimer: a free copy of this book was provided by Tuttle Publishing for this review (all images are from the Tuttle Publishing website) New Expressions in Origami Art is an absolutely beautiful…

Origami Logos

Origami Logos, Flags and Other Awesome Looking Symbols Folded from Paper

One post I've wanted to make for a while now is one about origami logos. Interestingly enough there are some pretty cool origami versions of various logos. Many of the designs use a single sheet of…

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Learn How to Make Origami

If you’ve never tried paper folding before and you want to get started then check our our Beginner’s Guide.

This guide will teach you all the basic folds, the basic bases that form the foundation for most models and finally it’ll walk you through folding your first model, the traditional paper crane.

Beginner's Guide to Origami Diagrams
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Ready to become an origami master? Check out our brand new book, Everyone Can Learn Origami!