In this post we’re going to take a look at some of the best origami birds of 2018. If you missed our “Best Origami People of 2018” post you can check it out here. Voting is still open over there.

This time we’re looking at origami birds and there are some pretty amazing models here.

I’ve selected a bunch of what I think are the best origami birds that I saw uploaded to the Internet during 2018 and you can vote for which one you think is the best at the end of this post.

Voting will be open until Wednesday February 20, 2018.

Let’s get started!


1) Great Cormorant, Designed and Folded by Kei Watanabe

Kei Watanabe is probably my favourite artist and he folded some absolutely incredible models in 2018 including several birds. The details in this model are incredible and it looks so life-like!

Great Cormorant by Kei Watanabe

Instructions not available


2) Black Kite, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by Ji Woo Han

A lot of people folded Satoshi Kamiya’s black kite model in 2018 but this is probably the best version I’ve seen. I really love the pose and the angle of the photo here.

Black Kite by Ji Woo Han

Diagrams available in the 24th Tanteidan Convention book


3) Turkey in Full Display, Designed by Katsuta Kyohei and Folded by Mariano Zavala B.

This is easily one of the best paper turkeys I’ve ever seen. There are tons of excellent details like the individually folded feathers. Plus Mariano Zavala B. made an absolutely fantastic video tutorial showing how to fold this masterpiece.

Turkey in Full Display by Mariano Zavala B.

Video instructions available from Mariano Zavala B.’s YouTube channel


4) Rooster 1, Designed and Folded by Kei Watanabe

Next we have another incredible model from Kei Watanabe, this time of a rooster. I love everything from the feathers to the claws, the head, the tail everything here is fantastic.

Rooster by Kei Watanabe

Instructions not available


5) Eagle, Designed by Nguyen Hung Cuong and Folded by Vít Masopust

Here we have one the best eagle’s I’ve ever seen. The wings and feathers are really great but I especially love the details and shaping on the head, especially with the eye and beak. The individually folded claws on the feet are awesome too.

Eagle by Vít Masopust

Diagrams available in Licence to Fold


6) Eagle, Designed and Folded by Jaeil Jeong

This is a fantastic Eagle design. It’s not super complex but it looks great and still has some awesome details. I especially love the colour changes.

Eagle by Jaeil Jeong

Instructions not available


7) Rooster 2, Designed and Folded by Kei Watanabe

Kei Watanabe also designed this other amazing looking rooster. The face is probably my favourite part of this but the whole thing is amazing and full of detail.

Rooster designed by Kei Watanabe

Instructions not available


8) Lugia, Designed by Hashimoto Haruka and Folded by Jaran Darra

Even though this is technically a Pokemon and not an actual real life bird it’s still a bird and it still looks amazing so here it is. This is a fantastic design that uses a single square of paper and it’s expertly folded here.

I really love the colour changes on this model and how it looks just like it does in the game.

Lugia by Jaran Darra

Crease pattern available from Haruka Hashimoto’s Flickr


9) Rooster, Designed by Mineo Shotaro and Folded by Giang Nam

Here we have another excellent rooster design with some lovely details and colour changes for the face and legs. Absolutely fantastic work here.

Rooster by Giang Nam

Crease pattern available in Tanteidan Magazine #161


10) Crested Kingfisher, Designed by Morisue Kei and Folded by Reaper

This may be the best version of this model I’ve seen and I really like the paper used here. My favourite part though is definitely the claws although the face is pretty awesome too.

Kingfisher by Reaper

Video instructions available from Mariano Zavala B.’s YouTube channel


11) White-Tailed Eagle, Designed and Folded by Kei Watanabe

I don’t have much to say about this model other than Wow! I love the details, the face, the pose, everything. It’s an incredible work of art.

White-Tailed Eagle by Kei Watanabe

Instructions not available


12) Roadrunner, Designed by Ryan Charpentier and Folded by Carla Godoy

I really love the pose and how expressive this model looks as it runs along.

Roadrunner by Carla Godoy

Video instructions available from hafs wahbi’s YouTube channel


13) Blakiston’s Fish Owl, Designed by Katsuta Kyohei and Folded by Boice Wong

This is a fantastic model and it’s folded very well here. The way it’s posed you can see all the fantastic details and it’s all folded from a 40cm x 40cm square of paper too.

Blakiston's Fish Owl by Boice Wong

Diagrams available here


14) Crane with Bad Eyes, Designed and Folded by Hiroaki Kobayashi

This is a fantastic take on the traditional origami crane. It’s not super complex when compared to some of the other entries here but it’s a cute idea and I really love those eyes.

Crane with bad eyes by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Instructions not available


Which one of these models do you think is the best origami bird of 2018? Vote below!

Voting will be open for 2 weeks until Wednesday February 20, 2019. Feel free to vote for your own model and to encourage everyone you know to vote for it as well!


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