I had a super busy last few weeks but I’m finally here with the first post of the Best Origami of 2018 Extravaganza!

We’re starting things off with the best origami people of 2018. These are anything from an entire person folded out of paper to just a face, a mask or something person-related.

I wasn’t really going to do a people category but when I was looking for origami for the contest I found enough of these type models to create this category.

All of these were uploaded to the Internet during 2018. It’s entirely possible they were folded or designed earlier but I’m going by the date these images were uploaded to the Internet to just keep things simple.

At the end of the post you’ll find the opportunity to vote for whichever model you think is the best and voting will close in 2 weeks on Monday February 18, 2019.


1) Charrui Designed and Folded by Rui Roda

This mask was designed after Rui Roda attended a class taught by João Charrua and it kind of incorporates a bit of his style. There’s a lot of expression in this simple folded piece of paper.

Charrui by Rui Roda

Instructions not available


2) Mahoraga Designed by Hojyo Takashi and Folded by Rydos

This incredible looking model is folded from a single 90cm x 180cm piece of paper and it took 50 hours to fold! I love all the details here from the design of the belt to the weapon it’s holding in its hand.

Mahoraga by Rydos

Diagrams available in the 2011 Special JOAS Issue


3) Thetis Designed and Folded by Joel Cooper

Joel Cooper has designed some amazing masks using tessellation patterns. This one is folded from a single sheet of black elephant hide paper that’s been bleached to give it the brown colour and pattern.

Thetis by Joel Cooper

Instructions not available


4) In the Rain, Designed by Chen Xiao and Folded by Ivan Danny

This is definitely one of the my favourite “people” models. It’s folded from a single square of paper and that includes the umbrella. Ivan Danny did a fantastic job folding this model.

In the Rain by Ivan Danny

Instructions not available


5) TI(E)RED_HERO Designed and Folded by João Charrua

This is a very unique design created for a “Paper Heroes” exhibition and the Jaffa Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel. The idea of this model is that the hero is an ordinary person but the cape (traditionally a symbol of a super hero) is wrapped around the person like a tie and is dragging him back. If you look closely you’ll see a little hand on the back of the cape.

The model is a metaphor for daily life where anyone can be a hero and despite things that might drag you back you should always stand and fight.

A very cool idea and an awesome design.

TI(E)RED_HERO by João Charrua

Instructions not available


6) Acantha, Designed and Folded by Joel Cooper

Joel Cooper has so many fantastic mask designs that I couldn’t just pick one. This mask is also folded using a tessellation pattern but the design is unique, super expressive and the whole thing is absolutely beautiful.

Acantha by Joel Cooper

Instructions not available


7) Kannon, Designed by Chen Xiao and Folded by Rydos

Another absolutely fantastic person design by Chen Xiao. The whole thing is folded from a 90cm x 90cm square of paper and it took Rydos 20 hours to create this masterpiece. The model is full of amazing details no matter where you look.

Kannon by Rydos

Instructions not available


8) Walking in the Rain, Designed by Chen Xiao and Folded by Ivan Svatko

Another fantastic take on this model. This version looks soft, delicate and beautiful, especially the way the hair is shaped.

Walking in the Rain by Ivan Svatko

Instructions not available


9) Iron Man, Designed by Yoo Tae Yong and Folded by J.W Park

Yoo Tae Yong designed an absolutely fantastic origami version of the Marvel super hero Iron Man. It’s all folded from one sheet of paper and the colour changes in the design are absolutely fantastic.

Here J.W Park did an amazing folding job and this is easily the best version of this model I’ve ever seen.

Iron Man by J.W. Park

Instructions not available


10) Worn Out Trooper Designed and Folded by Никита Васильев

When I saw this model I thought to myself, “Yeah, we need a people category.” It’s based on the Nicholas D. Wolfwood design from Brian Chan but if you go look that model up you’ll see this one looks nothing like it.

Overall this model looks incredible and it’s full of tiny details like the book. Adding a bit of fire and smoke is a super cool touch as well.

I almost included this model in the “Most Unique Idea” category but there already might be something else there from Никита Васильев, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Worn Out Soldier

Instructions not available


11) Kendo, Designed and Folded by Matthew (Paperforger)

Here’s another very cool looking person design. I love the colour changes and especially how that hood and mask look.

Kendo by Matthew

Instructions not available


12) Khan by Joel Cooper

I had to include just one more awesome mask by Joel Cooper here. I love how Asian this design feels and it totally captures the essence of a Great Khan.

Khan mask by Joel Cooper

Instructions not available


13) Golem Eater, Designed and Folded by Sebastien Limet

Here’s a very interesting model. The design is a bit simpler but it’s super expressive. It’s wet-folded from a single piece of paper and then sprayed with spray paint and cement to give it a very unique look, especially since the teeth are still just regular paper.

Golem Eater by Sebl

Instructions not available


Which one of these models do you think is the best origami person of 2018? Vote Below!

Voting will be open for 2 weeks until Monday February 18, 2019. Feel free to vote for your own model and encourage other people to vote for yours as well!


Voting is now closed and results will (hopefully) be posted soon!

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