Best origami animals of 2018

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Sabbatha Rahzuardi

Hi Peter,

Vey inspiring site.

I have submerged myself into origami art over the last few years.

Please take a look at my work on .

I hope it will interest you

Imtiaz Razvi

There should be a common place folders can post their work with a chance to have their models shortlisted
Im sure many people did not know abd didnt post or their post was never seen


I posted here and all over social media a few times inviting people to submit work for the contest and several people did.

Dx Xnm

The instructions for the lion (Andrey Ermakov) are in Olympiad 2018, not 2016, and for the Basset Hound (Lee Jae Hi) the instructions are in “The Origami USA Collection”


Thanks for letting me know, I’m not sure how I got the wrong Olympiad. The Basset Hound one looks like it goes to the correct place though.