traditional origami turtle

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katrina unocorn

I’m tried making it but its challenging and I like it a lot and I gave it a name to its called cuteie


I had to do this turle 4 times over again because I kept messing up by making a “square” XD
But over all it’s COMPLETLY worth it and I absolutely LOVE IT SO MUCH!
I even named HIM Jeremy Jr. And gae him a tiny tiny little hat :’)

Md. Mehedi Hasan



it’s ok but it’s not really origami if you use scissors and it’s a bit flat it should be a bit more 3D

501 legion

Thx, I liked this, but isn’t it technically not origami if you use scissors?

Origami KING

Yes, it is technically called kirigami I believe, but still cool turtle.

Florent Fabre

We’ve added a new diagram to the page that doesn’t require the use of scissors. However, it’s worth mentioning that scissors are perfectly fine to use in origami and have been used in traditional models for a long time. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference!

Aaron Horner

Yellow turtle friend
Now keeps me company while
I sip my green tea

Had a lot of fun learning something new this morning. Glad to have put a few wrinkles in my brain as well as some paper. Thanks!