Origami Butterfly

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Florent Fabre

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we’ve added some images, gifs, and videos to make this traditional origami butterfly a lot easier for you. Steps 19 and 20 are now step 12. Enjoy 🦋

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I am going 2 make these for a party what type of paper do u suggest

Florent Fabre

Hi Tia, The Kami 15×15 is great in terms of budget and colors. You can go smaller for cuter butterflies, but it’s going to be more difficult to fold them. You can find our paper guide here.

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Sara Braslow

I think I miraculously ended up with a correct butterfly, although I didn’t understand Steps #28-#30 because I don’t understand the terminology of Valley Fold and Mountain Fold.


If you click on the link at the top names “Paper Guide” the first entry explains what mountain and valley folds are

M.A.M Amaz

I finally did it ????????

How can i upload a photo of it?


Super its really easy I like it




Hi everyone, I’m 11 and this was tricky for me too but I would definitely recommend an adult to help you.

Hafiy Stone

Overall its easy , but there are certain step that get me to think how. My butterfly is perfect.


It’s easy…. But little difficult too


This is really hard I think I will give this a 3 star rating because I’m 11 and this is difficult.


Mine didn’t turn out right, the tail was in one piece.

Kylie Walls

I got 19 just I don’t know how to do 20


I don’t get number 19 and when I did it it just turned into a square


its easy but also hard


Steps 19-20 make absolutely no sense to me at all. Can someone please explain in plain English??


I loved it, I just had to search separately how to do a boat base but that did help.

Antonio Napiza

What’s step 19?


Fold just along the dotted lines and the rest of the paper should start to take on the shape from step 20 based on the previous creases you made.


Yes! Thank you. I couldn’t understand why my butterfly kept ending with a one-piece tail.


Hi! I had the same problem, but when looking through the other comments found Frank’s, which said “I think step 21 is wrong. You should turn it 90 degrees to have the two separate triangles pointing down that will form the tails at the end.” I tried it and it worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you too.


This site is really very helpful for beginners. I have learned to make origami butterflies from here and also tried many things for surprising my kids. They have also become a fan of your tutorials. Thanks a lot for sharing such unique step by step tutorials with us.

Giacomina Laura Sheridan

We were having trouble from step 19 because we couldn’t figure out how to decipher step 20. Still struggling.


Step 19 is not working please show how to do it as it won,t come out that way like in step 20


The tops turn into 3D triangle sort of things


I think step 21 is wrong. You should turn it 90 degrees to have the two separate triangles pointing down that will form the tails at the end.

Judy Merryfield

I haven’t finished step ten. I think I having trouble with folding. Please send help. But I completed a Wasa origami bowl. But can’t figure the step ten in the butterfly. It looks easy, but I haven’t figured it out. It looks easy, we with the mountain and valley folds.


Step 10 is simply unfolding the paper from the previous step. Was it a different step that was giving you difficulty?