Origami dragons are still some of my all time favourite origami models and I’ve already made several posts with big impressive paper dragons:

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This time we’re going to cover smaller, cuter and younger dragons that still need to grow up a bit before they become big and ferocious.

We’re going to start with this little baby dragon.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon, Designed by Daniella Carboni and Folded by Yuki.N.

Diagrams available in Licence to Fold


Here’s another very different looking baby dragon.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon, Designed and Folded by Riccardo Foschi

A detailed crease pattern is available from Riccardo Foschi’s Flickr


This is a rare photo of a mother dragon and her child out in the wild.

Mother and Child Dragon

Dragon, Designed by Shuki Kato and Folded by Folded Wilderness

Diagrams are available through Shuki Kato’s Flickr


As a big Game of Thrones fan I really like this next image which has the 3 dragons from earlier in the series when they’re still smaller and haven’t grown up yet.

Each dragon is folded from the same design and really demonstrates how you can alter models slightly to put them in different poses or give them a different look.

Game of Thrones Dragons

Rhaegal / Drogon / Viserion, Designed by Luca Vitagliano and Folded by Ares Alanya

Instructions not available


Here’s another cute little origami dragon.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon, Designed and Folded by Alexander Kurth

Video instructions available from quietmarverick’s YouTube channel


This next model is probably my favourite baby dragon design.

Baby Dragon

Little Dragon, Designed by József Zsebe and Folded by Rui Roda

Diagrams available in Fold Line


Here’s a whole family of dragons with some very cute baby ones.

Dragon Family

Dragon Heart Designed by Fernando Gilgado and Baby Dragons Designed by Daniela Carboni, All Folded by Lucas Honor

Dragon Heart diagrams available in Origami Tanteidan 13th Convention Book

Baby Dragon diagrams available in Licence to Fold


Here’s Alexander Kurth’s Little Dragon again but this time with some different shaping and two-coloured paper which makes it look completely different from before.

Origami Dragon

Little Dragon, Designed and Folded by Alexander Kurth

Video instructions available from quietmarverick’s YouTube channel


This is a “dragon whelp” and I quite like how its nose looks.

Dragon Whelp

Dragon Whelp, Designed by Paul Frasco and Folded by Rui Roda

Diagram available in Creased Magazine #10


Here’s József Zsebe’s little dragon again, this time folded by himself.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon, Designed and Folded by József Zsebe

Diagrams available in Fold Line


Here’s what appears to be a slightly older version of Paul Frasco’s Dragon Whelp that was on display at a convention.

Dragon Whelp

Dragon Whelp, Designed and Folded by Paul Frasco (Photo by Evan Zodl)

Diagram available in Creased Magazine #10


This next dragon looks to me like it’s starting to get a little bit older. It’s not as helpless and it’s starting to explore its environment.

Yellow Dragon

Dragon, Designed by József Zsebe and Folded by João Charrua

Diagrams available in A Magyar Origami Kor Kiadvanya


This little origami dragon looks to me like it’s just starting to walk.

Green Dragon

Dragon, Designed by Sergey Yartsev and Folded by Natalia Romanenko

Diagrams available in Olympiad 2013


Here’s another great little origami dragon that looks to me like it’s just starting to get up and move around.

Fiery Dragon

Fiery Dragon, Designed by Kade Chan and Folded by Robin Scholz

Video instructions available from Kade Chan’s YouTube channel


This next one looks like a bit simpler in design although I’m sure it’s probably a lot of work to fold. It’s also quite cute.

Simple Dragon

Dragon, Designed by Jo Nakashima and Folded by Rainer Berg

Video instructions available from Jo Nakashima’s YouTube channel


Our last dragon looks to me like it’s either having a hard time getting up and walking or it’s sneaking around up to no good.

Naruga Kuruga

Naruga Kuruga, Designed by Saku and Folded by Jack Dreyil

Instructions not available


If you’re looking for some great origami dragons to fold yourself I recommend you check out the book Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac Origami. The dragons in that book are a little bit of work but they’re not too difficult and they look great.

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