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J. Todd Sovey

Do you know where I can find the origami diagram for the ‘Metapod’ by Ryosuke Sakurai? I saw a photo of it on a website named ‘Reddit’.

Thanks, Todd


anyone create a Ditto yet?

Aiden dean

hey guys could not find cubchoo can you help me?

Unfortunately I haven’t seen an origami Cubchoo yet. It’s probably still too new of a design.

Andy Dang

Ive seen lots of cool Pokemon origami out there. I have also designed a few. By the way some of the designs use cuts. Here is the list of a lot of origami pokemon that I know.
Voltorb by kamifuusen
Wigglytuff by kamifuusen
Seel by kamifuusen
Cubone by kamifuusen
Marowak by sakusaku858
Metapod by sakusaku858
Flygon by sakusaku858
Necrozma by st te
Nihilego by st te
Buzzwole by st te
Golbat by Anh Dao
Xerneas by st te
Geodude by sakusaku858
Goldeen by sakusaku858
Kartana by me
Necrozma by me
(unfortunately no instructions are available for both Kartana and Necrozma)
Solgaleo by me
Lunala by me
Tapu Koko/Lele/Bulu/Fini by st te
Tapu Koko/Lele/Bulu/Fini by me
Ludicolo by me
Glalie by me
Pokemon sun moon starter first forms by PaperPH2
Primarina by PaperPH2
Solgaleo by PaperPH2
Incineroar by me
Primarina by me and lots more….

Giancarlo Rotunno

you should definetively make Kartana


Hey! Amazing collection. If you are looking for more pokemon, I have a huge collection of them, many of which are not here. Contact me 🙂

Peter Saydak

I’m always looking for more origami Pokemon! Feel free to send them to us here:


ok what’s your email address