Welcome to another edition of This Week in Origami where we feature some of the best new origami posted on the Internet during the past week.

This week a lot of people decided to fold chickens and roosters.  We’ll start with these cute caged chickens by Sebastien Limet.

Chickens in Cages

Outdoor, Designed and Folded by Sebastien Limet

Instructions not available


Tran Trung Hieu folded some beautiful origami flowers.


“Experiment for … “, Designed and Folded by Tran Trung Hieu

Instructions not available

Follow Tran Trung Hieu on Flickr or Facebook


P. Colman folded a couple of very complicated and fantastic looking models this week.


Vinegaroon, Designed by Kota Imai and Folded by P. Colman

Crease pattern available from Kota Imai’s Flickr


Bigfin Reef Squid

Bigfin Reef Squid, Designed by Akihiro Kosuge and Folded by P. Colman

Crease pattern available from Akihiro Kosuge’s Flickr


晓 陈 folded a couple of really awesome models this week too.

Santa Girl

Santa Girl, Designed and Folded by 晓 陈

Crease pattern available from @__ObeLisK on Twitter


Goddess of the Moon

Goddess of the Moon, Designed and Folded by 晓 陈

Instructions not available


Rango Trung folded this adorable little dolphin.


Dolphin, Designed and Folded by Rango Trung

Video instructions available from T.T.DONG Origami channel on YouTube


Joseph Wu designed this awesome looking tree for a commercial.

Tessellated Tree

Tree, Designed and Folded by Joseph Wu

Instructions not available


Hiroaki Kobayashi folded this adorable little meerkat.


Meerkat, Designed and Folded by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Instructions not available


Jack Dreyil folded these really cute mother and son monkeys.


Japanese Macaques, Designed by Gen Hagiwara and Folded by Jack Dreyil

Diagrams available in Spirits of Origami


Hsi-Min Tai folded these adorable little origami vegetables.


Vegetables, Designed and Foldd by Hsi-Min Tai

Instructions not available


Lee bo-yeon folded a great little rooster this week.


Rooster 1.2, Designed and Folded by Lee bo-yeon

Crease pattern available from Lee bo-yeon’s Flickr


Adriano Davanzo also folded a great looking rooster and took a magnificent photo of it.


Rooster, Designed by Nathan Zimet and Folded by Adriano Davanzo

Diagrams available in V International Origami Internet Olympiad


Finally we have our last model of the week, this incredible skull spider by Neelesh K.  It’s folded from just one sheet of paper and would be perfect for Halloween.

Skull Spider

Skull Spider, Designed and Folded by Neelesh K

Instructions not available


That’s it for another week.  As usual be sure to check out these great origami artists and let them know you like their work.  Check back again next Friday for another edition of This Week in Origami.

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