26 Wonderfully Delightful Modular Kusudamas

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The Bascetta star is actually not as pointy as the “stern” with roses; I think someone misidentified that one.
Also it is a point of pride, I think, for origami designers to not use glue in their models, because that means they have designed it well enough to be sturdy on its own. That’s probably why that designer was less than pleased with your speculation. ;). She’s right though, the determining factor is how well the connectors are designed; a model being airy or hollow doesn’t indicate anything useful about the mechanism that holds it together.

Meenakshi Mukerji

Thanks for including my Tulip Garden in your blog. Please remove the wrong speculation about needing glue because this one like most of my designs doesn’t require glue. Thanks again.


Hi, I’m not saying the model is using glue. I’m just saying I feel like kusudamas that are open like this seem more delicate to me and I’m emphasizing that glue isn’t being used. I’ve added a little extra note though saying glue isn’t needed for this model.


Thanks for updating. Actually there are many open designs which are extremely sturdy. Openness doesn’t have any co-relationship with glue. Thought I’d clarify.