Happy Chinese New Year everyone!  This year is the year of the monkey and what better way to celebrate than by making origami monkeys!

A lot of origami artists have folded different origami monkeys and here are some of the best ones I’ve seen starting with this monkey photographed in the wild by Folded Wilderness.

Monkey and Banana

Monkey, Designed by Lionel Albertino and Folded by Folded Wilderness

Diagrams available in Safari Origami


Fabian Correa folded this incredible gorilla.  It’s got a really simple design yet it’s still incredibly expressive.


Gorilla, Designed and Folded by Fabian Correa

Instructions not available


Tetsuya Götani designed this cute little flying monkey for the new year.

Flying Monkey

Flying Monkey, Designed and Folded by Tetsuya Götani

Instructions not available


Magali folded these great little Japanese Macaques.  Gen Hagiwara’s Japanese Macaque design might be my favourite origami monkey design.

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque, Designed by Gen Hagiwara and Folded by Magali

Diagrams available in Spirits of Origami


Ta Trung Dong folded this great monkey complete with an awesome origami banana for the new year.

Monkey with Banana

Monkey, Designed and Folded by Ta Trung Dong

Instructions not available


Artur Biernacki folded this very detailed and aggressive looking origami gorilla.


Gorilla, Designed by NGUYỄN Hùng Cường and Folded by Artur Biernacki

Crease pattern available from NGUYỄN Hùng Cường’s Flickr


Here’s the same gorilla design this time folded by its creator.


Gorilla, Designed and Folded by NGUYỄN Hùng Cường

Crease pattern available from NGUYỄN Hùng Cường’s Flickr


Hoàng Tiến Quyết designed this gorilla with his signature curvy style.


Gorilla, Designed and Folded by Hoàng Tiến Quyết

Instructions not available


Mariano Zavala B. folded this great and very expressive chimpanzee.


Chimpanzee, Designed by Brian Chan and Folded by Mariano Zavala B.

Instructions not available


Eyal folded this adorable family of Japanese macaques.

Japanese Macaque Family

Japanese Macaques, Designed by Gen Hagiwara and Folded by Eyal

Diagrams available in Spirits of Origami


Shuki Kato folded this fantastic origami orangutan.


Orangutan, Designed by Quentin Trollip and Folded by Shuki Kato

Diagrams available in Origami Sequence


Sebastien Limet designed this great little origami tarsier.


Tarsier, Designed and Folded by Sebastien Limet

Instructions not available


Hiroaki Kobayashi folded these great little Japanese Macaques with a 2016 sign for the new year.

Japanese Macaques for 2016

Japanese Macaques, Designs and Folded by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Instructions not available


Finally we have one of my all-time favourite images also by Hiroaki Kobayashi, a group of Japanese Macaques at the spa.

Japanese Macaques at the Spa

Japanese Macaques, Designed and Folded by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Instructions not available


That’s it for this post.  Have a happy Chinese New Year everyone and be sure to check out and send some love and comments to all these awesome artists.

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