Animals are still probably the most popular thing to fold with paper. This post we’ll be looking at a wide variety of different origami animals. There isn’t really a theme here just that they’re all animals and they look great.

First up is this absolutely adorable red panda from one of the best animal designers, Quentin Trollip.

Red Panda

Red Panda, Designed and Folded by Quentin Trollip

Diagrams available in Origami Works of Quentin Trollip


Here’s a fantastic rhino design by Terry Nicolas.

Bogota Rhino

Bogota Rhino, Designed and Folded by Terry Nicolas

Instructions not available


This platypus looks awesome and the whole overall photo/scene looks even better.


Platypus, Designed by Nicolás Gajardo Henríquez

Crease pattern available from Nicolás Gajardo Henríquez’s Flickr


Hoang Tien Quyet designed what’s probably the most elegant looking origami horse. I quite like how you end up with different colours for the body and the mane and tail.


Horse, Designed by Hoang Tien Quyet and Folded by DebugMode

Diagrams available in VOG: 50 Hours of Origami+


Here’s a quite beautiful looking paper elephant. The colour change on the tusks is really great.


Elephant, Designed by Artur Biernacki and Folded by Pere Olivella

Diagrams available in Drawing Origami 2


This Jerboa is a really awesome and cute little design.


Jerboa, Designed and Folded by Tran Trung Hieu

Diagrams available in VOG 2:

Follow Tran Trung Hieu on Flickr or Facebook


I especially like the little feet on this llama.


Llama, Designed by Fumiaki Kawahata and Folded by Alexander Krupnikov

Diagrams available in the Origami Tanteidan 19th Convention Book


This deer is especially majestic looking.

Red Deer

Red Deer, Designed and Folded by Edgar

Crease pattern available from Edgar’s Flickr


This Mandrill is folded from 11 sheets of paper and the different colours make it look really realistic and awesome.


Mandrill, Designed and Folded by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Instructions not available


Here’s an absolutely adorable little racoon dog design by Satoshi Kamiya.

Racoon Dogs

Racoon Dog, Designed by Satoshi Kamiya and Folded by J.W Park

Diagrams available in Works of Satoshi Kamiya 2, 2002 – 2009


This is one of the best porcupines I’ve seen. I love the individual spikes and I’m pretty sure everything is folded from a single sheet of paper.


Porcupine, Designed and Folded by Eric Vigier

Instructions not available


Beth Johnson is really great at designing spiral patterns and I love how she incorporated the spiral into the tail of this squirrel.


Squirrel and Acorn both Designed and Folded by Beth Johnson

Squirrel instructions not available

Acorn tutorial available from Beth Johnson’s Flickr


Here’s a beautiful maned wolf photographed out in the wild.

Maned Wolf

Maned Wolf, Designed by Taiga Yamamoto and Folded by P. Colman

Crease pattern available from Taiga Yamamoto’s Twitter


I absolutely love this photo. The rabbit design is great and the way it’s jumping is too awesome.

Jumping Rabbit

Rabbit, Designed and Folded by Gen Hagiwara

Crease pattern available from Gen Hagiwara’s Flickr


This is a really simple goat design but it still looks really great.


Goat, Designed by Nguyễn Hùng Cường and Folded by Magali

Diagrams available in the Origami Tanteidan 21st Convention Book


Otters are pretty much always cute, even when they’re made out of paper.

Sea Otter

Sea Otter, Designed and Folded by Gen Hagiwara

Diagrams available in Origami Tanteidan Magazine #159


Here’s a pair of cute little paper sheep. I especially like the colour change here and how you have black faces and feet with a white body.


Sheep, Designed by Gen Hagiwara and Folded by Eyal

Diagrams available in Spirits of Origami


I saw this photo a long time ago and it’s still one of my favourite origami photos.


Donkey, Designed by Román Díaz and Folded by Folded Wilderness

Diagrams available in Origami Essence


This whole scene is adorable. Even though those are bamboo leaves, not eucalyptus ones.


Koalas Designed by Kunihiko Kasahara, Bamboo Leaves Designed by Hiroshi Kumasaka all Folded by Agnieska (Agne) Mackonyte

Koala diagrams available in Origami Omnibus

Bamboo diagrams available in NOA Magazine 257


This giraffe design is already really great and the custom pattern and colouring on the paper makes it look even better.


Giraffe, Designed by Komatsu Hideo and Folded by CaptainMoon

Diagrams available in Works of Hideo Komatsu


I really like this bison design, something about it looks extra hairy if that makes any sense.


Bison 2015 B, Designed and Folded by Shuki Kato

Crease pattern available from Shuki Kato’s Flickr


This pig is a relatively simple design but it just might be the most realistic looking origami pig I’ve ever seen.


Pig, Designed by Ronald Koh and Folded by Thong Nguyen Nguyen

Diagrams available in the AEP convention 2011 book


Our final model for this post is this adorable little paper hedgehog. It uses an origami tessellation to make it look kind of spikey.


Hedgehog, Designed by Javier Dominguez Perez and Folded by Blanka P (blunek)

Diagrams available in the Origami Tanteidan 20th Convention Book


That’s it for this post. If you like origami animals then be sure to check out all these amazing origami artists for more of their fantastic work.

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