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Thanks for the list of channels here! Can I recommend Kevin Hutson’s channel? He is a very underrated channel that deserves more recognition for his amazing work. He has many tutorials for simple models and his own designs as well as time lapses.


Hi I have recently started a New YouTube Channel – D’crafted mostly related to Origami and Home Decor, I would be happy if you include us on the list sometime in future.
D’crafted is a creative venture in which we make creative crafts, designs, decorations and anything that makes home a beautiful place. If this sounds interesting to you, please subscribe. Let’s build a beautiful world together!

Thanks & Regards.


would you like to make any update to this page?

Sagish AP

How come mariano zavala origami is not included here. He does most of the super complex models especially of satoshi kamiya, Robert lang n many tough models.


Because I made this post before he started his YouTube channel. One day when I have time I’m going to go back and add in some more channels like his.


I really do not think that the “easy” category looks very easy…


thanks for the list.????
well there’s another channel of a designer from a less known country (if you’re talking about origami).
may be you want to have a look

Peter Saydak

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Jan Feigen

wow ! here another origami channel, by a 7 years old child !

Mike Meek

Mariano Zavala is pumping out tons of great stuff ranging from intermediate to super complex. I highly recommend it;

Peter Saydak

Yeah we’ve been following his channel and featuring his videos in our What to Fold this Weekend posts. He’s got some really great stuff.

He started his channel after we made this post or we would have included it. We might have to make an updated version.


Surprised to see that 1PetiteSorciere aka KatrinsOrigami was not on here! She has 70+ kusudama tutorials and loads of other crafty things, such as book sculptures. Really a dream of a channel for these types of hobbies. Best of all, she always gets permission from the creator (or claims to, but I don’t doubt her) to make her tutorials. There’s no audio or text in her videos but her instructions are typically very clear. I know I’m like a month and a half late with this but whenever I need a kusudama to fold she’s my go-to, figured I’d spread the good word :^)

Peter Saydak

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve never heard of her. I’ve bookmarked her channel and will go through it later and add her to the site.

Tim Rickman

I guess I don’t make origami tutorials worthy of your list. I like how you tell people not to watch videos that didn’t get permission and happypuppytruffles is like number six. Tuan Dao? He hasn’t made a tutorial in almost a year, c’mon! I’m being ironic, of course. Good list. These are all really good channels.

Peter Saydak

They’re not really in any particular order, they’re just sorted by difficulty.

I’d never heard of your channel before but it’s pretty good, when I make an updated list I’ll include yours.

Tim Rickman

Hey, thanks man. But you definitely don’t have to 🙂 I was just trying to leave a funny comment because I like to read your blog. Keep up the good work!