Video tutorials are a great way to learn how to fold origami. Unlike printed diagrams you can actually see the intermediate steps and how all the folds work.

There are a ton of origami video tutorials on YouTube with varying degrees of quality.

Also sometimes the person who made the video has permission from the designer to show how the model is folded and other times they don’t which is not good so you probably shouldn’t give those people any views.

I’ve compiled my favourite YouTube channels with origami tutorials together in this post and sorted them out by difficulty so if you’re looking for some new sources of origami instructions you’re sure to find something here.

I’ve included a sample video with each channel.


Beginner Level YouTube Channels

Check out these YouTube channels if you’re just getting started with origami.


Leyla Torres

Leyla Torres runs the website and has been posting YouTube tutorials for years. She’s very good at explaining the steps and goes very slowly so you won’t get confused. Her videos also have subtitles in Spanish if you want as well.


EZ Origami

This YouTube channel is run by Evan Zodl from His videos are very well explained and he’ll often draw dotted lines on the model as he’s folding it so you can easily make out important creases. His videos are quite well produced too.


Paper Kawaii

This YouTube channel is run by an Australian named Chrissy and she also runs the website You’ll find instructions for lots of cute things like cakes, candies, little boxes and more. The videos are quite professional and the instructions are easy to follow.


Peter Keller

Peter Keller only has a few video tutorials on his channel but they’re great little models that he designed himself. The tutorials are fun and easy to follow. Hopefully he uploads lots more soon.



This channel is run by Ventsislav Vasilev who has a Bulgarian origami website He very clearly explains how to fold each model so you don’t have to worry about speaking Bulgarian or anything like that. There’s a huge collection of tutorials from the last several years and they’re all excellent models for beginners.



This channel has a bunch of great tutorials for a ton of traditional origami models. The videos are very easy to follow, they’re narrated and there are two cameras showing the model being folded from different angles which is a unique touch.


Jenny W. Chan – Origami Tree

Jenny Chan’s YouTube channel has a ton of great tutorials for beginner origami models and other craft projects. The tutorials are narrated and very easy to follow. She also has a lot of other stuff on her channel like givaways and contests.


Joost Langeveld

This channel has lots of great video tutorials for models all designed by Joost Langeveld. Most of them are very easy to fold too. The videos are quite clear and also have photos of each step and text directions over the video to make folding the model even easier.



Beginner to Intermediate YouTube Channels

These channels are a little bit more difficult but still not too bad if you’re pretty new to origami. Some of them have a mixture of really easy and more intermediate models.


Happy Folding

This channel is run by Sara Adams from the website Happy Folding and it has a huge amount of origami video tutorials going back for years. The instructions are narrated and explained very well and she goes nice and slow so all the steps are easy to follow. She has tutorials for really simple models and models that are a bit more difficult but are still not too hard.


HTQuyet Origami

Hoang Tien Quyet is an awesome origami artist and he has a YouTube channel where he explains how to fold some of his easier designs. There’s no narration but his directions are very clear and he goes nice and slow so the videos are quite easy to follow.


Origami Tutorials

This channel is only about a year old but there’s already a ton of great video tutorials. The videos are very professional, clear and often have text overlays which explain the steps being performed.


Cool Origami Tutorial by Yakomoga

This channel has a great collection of video tutorials made by Roman Petrenko (Yakomoga). There are some pretty easy models here but a lot of them require a little bit of origami experience. There’s a pretty wide array of models here and the instructions are very easy to follow.



Jeremy Shafer has a ton of great video tutorials and his videos are a lot of fun. A ton of his videos show you how to fold his own designs that move or transform in some way. His videos are narrated with very clear instructions and they’re very easy to follow.


Мир Увлечений

I don’t know too much about this channel since everything is in Russian but it does have a great collection of video tutorials. Most of the models are pretty simple to fold but there are definitely some more intermediate level ones thrown in there too. Even though all the video descriptions are in Russian there’s no narration in the videos so anyone can still follow the tutorials. The videos move a little bit fast but they’re not hard to follow and occasionally you’ll see lines drawn on the models to make the steps more clear.


Origami Pegasus

This YouTube channel has a great selection of tutorials for models that are pretty easy and some that are a little bit more intermediate level. The videos are very clear and narrated with a British accent which makes them one hundred times more interesting to listen to.



If you’re interested in folding paper airplanes then this is the channel for you with tons of different paper plane tutorials. Most of the models use an A4 sized sheet of paper and they’re not super easy but not not an intermediate difficulty either. The videos are very detailed, some have narration and some have extra lines and arrows drawn over them to make the folding easier.


Intermediate Level YouTube Channels

If you want to fold the origami models that these YouTube channels demonstrate you’re going to need to have a little bit of experience with origami first.


Paper Ph2 Origami

This YouTube channel run by someone known as Paper Ph2 and features video instructions for a bunch of great original designs including some great origami Pokemon and other video game themed models. There’s no narration but the instructions are quite easy to follow.


Jo Nakashima

This might be my favourite YouTube channel for origami tutorials. There’s a huge collection of videos explaining how to fold models that range from not too difficult to quite complicated. The videos are very well produced, well explained and they also have illustrations for each step in the upper corner of each video.


JM’s Origami Tutorials

This is another one of my favourite origami YouTube channels. There’s a great collection of tutorials including a ton of great origami animals and most of the models are around an intermediate difficulty level or higher. The instructions are nice and slow and very clear which is great since these models are a bit more difficult.


T.T.DONG Origami channel

This is Tạ Trung Đông’s YouTube channel where he explains how to fold some of his very awesome original designs. His videos are very easy to follow and since these are his own original designs you won’t find instructions for these models anywhere else.


Henry Phạm – Origami Tutorials

I just discovered this YouTube channel and it’s now one of my favourites because it has video tutorials for some spectacular original Pokemon designs. I’ve folded a couple of the Pokemon models on this site and the instructions are very easy to follow. This channel is worth it for the Pokemon tutorials alone but there are a lot of other great tutorials for non-Pokemon origami as well.


Alexander Kurth Origami

Alexander Kurth is a great origami artist and on his channel he shows how to fold many of his own original designs as well as some other models from other designers. His videos are quite easy to follow and he narrates each step as he goes as well. Most of his tutorials are for intermediate level models but most of them aren’t too hard to fold.


Intermediate to Advanced Level YouTube Channels

These Youtube channels feature tutorials for models that are at least an intermediate level as well as ones that start getting a lot more advanced.


Tadashi Mori

This is another one of my favourite origami YouTube channels. He has a great personality and his videos are very well done. He has a lot of tutorials for a lot of very awesome origami models. Most of the tutorials are for intermediate level models but he also has a bunch of longer tutorials for some much more advanced models like his own Charizard design or Kade Chan’s Fiery Dragon.


Seth Friedman

Seth Friedman is an incredibly talented origami artist and on his YouTube channel he shows how to fold many of his own original designs. Most of the designs are intermediate level but a couple of them get a lot more difficult. There’s no narration but he goes nice and slow and his instructions are quite easy to follow.


Breath of Paper

This YouTube channel has videos that show how to fold several origami models from mostly Vietnamese designers. The instructions are quite slow and easy to follow however a lot of these models require rectangular sheets of paper which I’m assuming are the same size as Vietnamese paper money. If you don’t have access to any paper money in the right size you’ll have to cut some sheets of paper to the right size first.


Tuan Dao

Dao Tuan’s YouTube channel has a bunch of non-origami videos on it but it also has a few tutorials for some great models designed by Vietnamese origami artists. Some of them are around an intermediate level difficulty but some of them are for much more complex models like Hoang Trung Thanh’s Yakushiji Tenzen. The videos are easy to follow and he’ll sometimes mark out important folds in pencil to make things easier to follow.


Advanced Level YouTube Channels

These channels feature instructions for origami models that are much more difficult to fold. You’re going to need a great deal of origami experience before attempting some of these.


Kade Chan

Kade Chan is an incredible origami artist and on his YouTube channel he shows how to fold a bunch of his own designs. Some of them are around an intermediate level but most of them are quite difficult and require a lot of time and experience to fold. He moves a bit faster in his videos than some of these other channels but his instructions are still pretty easy to follow, just expect to put in a lot of time and effort to fold these models.


That’s it for this collection of great YouTube channels. I do know of several other YouTube channels with origami instructions but it was pretty clear that they didn’t have permission to make their tutorials so I didn’t include them.

If you know of any other great YouTube channels let us know in the comments!

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