These instructions will teach you how to fold a very easy origami boat. If you’re just starting out we do recommend you check out our Beginner’s Guide to learn all the basics first.

Boat Step 1

Step 1) Fold and Unfold the paper in half diagonally both ways.

Boat Step 2

Step 2) Fold the top of the paper down to the centre.

Boat Step 3

Step 3) Fold the top layer of paper back up along the dotted line.

Boat Step 4

Step 4) Fold the very tip of the paper down along the dotted line.

Boat Step 5

Step 5) Fold the paper in half.

Boat Step 6

Step 6) Fold the paper back along the dotted line on both sides. This is an Outside Reverse Fold.

Boat Step 7

Step 7) Rotate the model so it’s facing the right direction.

Boat Step 8

The completed boat

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