These instructions will show you how to fold an easy origami bird. This is a traditional model and not difficult at all. If you’ve never folded anything before we recommend you take a moment to check out our Beginner’s Guide which will teach you all the basics.

Bird Step 1

Step 1) Fold the paper in half and then unfold it.

Bird Step 2

Step 2) Fold both sides of the paper to the centre line.

Bird Step 3

Step 3) Fold the top triangle of paper behind the model.

Bird Step 4

Step 4) Fold both the top corners down and to the centre along the dotted lines.

Bird Step 5

Step 5) Open up the paper trapped inside and pull it out and down.

Bird Step 6

Step 6) Squash fold this flat and then repeat on the other side.

Bird Step 7

Step 7) Fold the flaps on each side up along the dotted lines.

Bird Step 8

Step 8) Make a Pleat along the dotted lines at the bottom.

Bird Step 9

Step 9) Fold the entire model in half.

Bird Step 10

Step 10) Rotate the paper about 90 degrees.

Bird Step 11

Step 11) Make an Inside Reverse Fold along the dotted line.

Bird Step 12

The completed traditional bird

Do you have any questions about any of the steps for this origami bird? Don’t be afraid to ask in the comments!

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