Folding Origami

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The instructions were a little unclear, but as long as you read the steps thoroughly you should be fine. Mine inflated and that’s really cool but it looks a little different from the pictures.


Tutorials are very good. I made quite a few. In water bomb we need to inflate by blowing air into it


Mine failed, the bottom went all soggy and it didn’t blow up. 🙁

Journey Lashbrook

These instructions are really unclear…

Luca D’Aubbonnett

Although the part where you blow in gets soggy I think it’s really cool and surprising when you blow air into it. If it didn’t inflate make sure the flaps are folded properly and everything is compact and most of all check the pictures and look at what you made and see if anything is wrong.


Mine didnt open correctly


Did anyone else’s water bomb didn’t inflate? Cause I did the whole process again and it still won’t work for me.