Ready to become a master folder? Check out our highly-rated book, Everyone Can Learn Origami!

Here are full instructions for 4 of the models in our book for you to check out.

Do you have diagrams you’d like us to publish on this site? Contact us here and we’ll publish them and give you full credit with a link to your website or social media accounts if you have.

Easy Origami Step by Step Instructions

Below you'll find instructions for 120+ easy to fold origami models. Even if you're a complete paper folding beginner you should be able to fold most of what's here. Simply click on a model to view the diagrams.

The Internet Origami Diagram Database has Been Retired

After much thought I’ve decided to retire this diagram database section. Originally I wanted to create an easy index for people to find diagrams but ultimately this section has caused more problems than it’s worth.

The main issue is over the years since I originally built this list a huge number of the websites have gone offline and many of the links are broken. Every so often I’ve gone through and deleted the broken links which just makes this index smaller and smaller. Also, once a site goes offline I can’t control what happens to those domains and some of these diagram links ended up going to questionable websites which I definitely don’t want. It’s also caused a fair bit of drama over the years and I don’t really want to deal with that.

So going forward this page will only contain diagrams I’ve directly uploaded to this website that I know will never go offline.

If you have diagrams of your own you’d like us to publish contact us here. We’ll give you full credit and a link back to your website or social media accounts.

Paper Dragon and Books

Looking for More Awesome Things to Fold?

Instructions for the best origami models can only be found in books. If you're looking for more awesome things to fold check out our list of favourite books. We've written reviews and made lists of the models you'll find in each one. No matter what you're looking for you'll definitely find some cool things to fold.

Our Favourite Books

Ready to become a master folder? Check out our highly-rated book, Everyone Can Learn Origami!