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Diagrams marked with a heart are some of our favourites. The difficulty ranges from beginner > easy > intermediate > advanced > super complex. The difficulty is purely based on how difficult we think the model is to fold.

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 DifficultyModel NameDesignerCategoryDiagrams From
EasyFrog on LeafPucci MauroAmphibiansOrigami Mauro
BeginnerSuper ToadUnknownAmphibiansUniversity of Wisconsin
BeginnerTalking FrogleidygraAmphibiansNeorigami
BeginnerToadNick RobinsonAmphibiansJoseph Wu Origami
IntermediateAndrewsarchusTito CubaAnimalsPassion Origami
IntermediateAsian ElephantJohn SzingerAnimalsZing-Man Origami
EasyBaby ElephantHsi-Min TaiAnimalsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
IntermediateBaby Lemurjj.supaman09AnimalsNeorigami
BeginnerBarking DogPaul
EasyBlow Up BunnyTraditionalAnimalsOrigamiUSA
IntermediateBuffaloHuy PhamAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
IntermediateBulldogWong Po SanAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyBunnyT.P. KongAnimalsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerBusiness Card PuppyLarry StevensAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyCamelGabriel AlvarezAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyCatFabian CorreaAnimalsFabian Correa's Flickr
EasyCatGilad AharoniAnimalsGilad's Origami Page
EasyCatPhilip SchulzAnimalsStar Wars Origami
EasyCatRoman DiazAnimalsOrigami Chile
EasyCow FaceUnknownAnimalsInternational Origami Society
EasyDachshundPucci MauroAnimalsOrigami Mauro
IntermediateDeerRoman DiazAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
IntermediateDog, A LittleOrigamiColombiaAnimalsNeorigami
EasyElephantFernando AngelicoAnimalsDiffusione Origami
EasyFox HeadDavid BrillAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyFox MaskAlicucheAnimalsNeorigami
EasyFox, SittingGo GuspathAnimalsGo Guspath's DeviantArt
EasyGrassland AnimalMatthew DunstanAnimalsPassion Origami
EasyGreyhoundT.P. KongAnimalsT.P Kong's Origami Website
EasyGuinea PigPucci MauroAnimalsOrigami Mauro
BeginnerHedgehogTony O'HareAnimalsThe British Origami Society
EasyHorseManolo MayaAnimalsPassion Origami
IntermediateHorseRoman DiazAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyHorseT.P. KongAnimalsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyIrish TerrierMatthias EichelAnimalsOrigami Deutschland
EasyKittenAlfredo GiuntaAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyKoalaJozsef ZsebeAnimalsOrigami Deutschland
EasyMonkey MaskHsi-Min TaiAnimalsHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
EasyPigHsi-Min TaiAnimalsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
EasyPigSteven WeberAnimalsOrigami Deutschland
EasyPigT.P. KongAnimalsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyPigUnknownAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerPuppy DogEdwin CorrieAnimalsOrigami CZ
EasyRabbitHoang Tien QuyetAnimalsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyRabbitHoang Tien QuyetAnimalsNeorigami
EasyRabbitHsi-Min TaiAnimalsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
EasyRabbitJozsef ZsebeAnimalsOrigami Deutschland
EasyRabbitXander D. ArenaAnimalsJoseph Wu Origami
IntermediateRatEric JoiselAnimalsDesign in Origami
EasyRatJose Angel IranzoAnimalsDesign in Origami
EasyScottish TerrierMatthew DunstanAnimalsPassion Origami
EasyScottish TerrierPeterpaul ForcherAnimalsCarmen's Origami Seiten
BeginnerSealMax HulmeAnimalsJoseph Wu Origami
EasySheepPucci MauroAnimalsOrigami Mauro
EasySkunkPucci MauroAnimalsOrigami Mauro
EasySquirrelPucci MauroAnimalsOrigami Mauro
IntermediateThe PooperRonald KohAnimalsGabriel Von's Ori-Scope
EasyTigerT.P. KongAnimalsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyWalrusPucci MauroAnimalsOrigami Mauro
EasyWelsh CorgiGo GuspathAnimalsGo Guspath's DeviantArt
EasyWolfT.P. KongAnimalsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyBig BirdRobin GlynnAnime &
EasyDraculaRobin GlynnAnime &
BeginnerGigi the CatRobin GlynnAnime & CartoonsJoseph Wu Origami
BeginnerInvader ZimPhilip SchulzAnime & CartoonsStar Wars Origami
EasyMiss PiggyRobin GlynnAnime &
EasyOogie Boogie-sebl-Anime & CartoonsNeorigami
EasyPinnochioJeremy ShaferAnime & CartoonsBARF
EasyYosemite SamHalleAnime &
BeginnerAction ChickenJozsef ZsebeBirds & BatsOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerBarn OwlAnita BarbourBirds & BatsAnita's Origami
BeginnerLittle BatCharles EsseltineBirds & BatsHappy Folding
EasyBatNoboru MiyajimaBirds &
EasyBatPucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasyBat Pop-UpJeremy ShaferBirds & BatsBARF
BeginnerBirdChristophe BoudiasBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerBirdDang Minh HaiBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerBirdLluis ValldeneuBirds &
BeginnerBirdTraditionalBirds &
EasyBird 1Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasyBird 2Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasyBlackbirdAlfredo GiuntaBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyBlackbirdDino AndreozziBirds & BatsOrigami Chile
BeginnerCardinalT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyCardinalT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyChinese Flying CraneGabriel VongBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerCock of DresdenKlaus-Dieter EnnenBirds & BatsOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerCraneUnknownBirds & BatsAdys Art
BeginnerCraneTraditionalBirds &
BeginnerCrane and Flapping BirdTraditionalBirds & BatsHappy Folding
EasyCrane DerivationMatthew DunstanBirds & BatsPassion Origami
EasyCrowNanBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerDollar ParrotPhilip SchulzBirds & BatsStar Wars Origami
BeginnerDuckEdwin CorrieBirds & BatsThe British Origami Society
EasyDuckJose HerreraBirds & BatsNeorigami
EasyDuckJuan Pedro RubioBirds & BatsPassion Origami
EasyDuckKyu-seok OhBirds & BatsPassion Origami
EasyDuckUnknownBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerEagleChristophe BoudiasBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerEagleJoseph WuBirds & BatsJoseph Wu Origami
BeginnerEagleSara AdamsBirds & BatsHappy Folding
BeginnerEagleT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyEagle on a LogPucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasyFive Headed CraneChris HeynenBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerFlamingoT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerFlapping BirdTraditionalBirds & BatsOrigami Club
BeginnerGosling 1Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
BeginnerGosling 2Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasyGreat EgretJoe LauBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerHenJozsef ZsebeBirds & BatsOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerHorned OwlEvi BinzingerBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyHumming BirdT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyHumming Bird 1.0Karol KafarskiBirds & BatsKarol Kafarski's Flickr
EasyKingfisherT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyOstrichPucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
BeginnerOstrichT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
IntermediateOwlBeth JohnsonBirds & BatsBeth Johnson's Website
EasyOwlHsi-Min TaiBirds & BatsHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
EasyPajaritoXavierBirds & BatsNeorigami
EasyParrotHsi-Min TaiBirds & BatsHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
EasyParrotPucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasyPeacockDaniel LlavanerasBirds & BatsPassion Origami
EasyPeacockHsi-Min TaiBirds & BatsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
EasyPelicanP. D’AuriaBirds & BatsOrigami D'Auria
BeginnerPelicanT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyPenguinprefoBirds & BatsNeorigami
BeginnerPenguinT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyPenguin Toothpick HolderleidygraBirds & BatsNeorigami
BeginnerPink FlamingoChristophe BoudiasBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerRoosterChristophe BoudiasBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerRoosterT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerSeagullT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerSimple ParrotManuel Sirgo AlvarezBirds & BatsCentro Diffusione Origami
EasySongbirdT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasySparrowAlfredo GiuntaBirds & BatsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerSwanDavid DerudasBirds &
EasySwanHerman Van GoubergenBirds & BatsOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerSwanJozsef ZsebeBirds & BatsOrigami Deutschland
EasySwanManuel Sirgo AlvarezBirds & BatsPassion Origami
BeginnerSwanT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerSwanTraditionalBirds &
EasySwan 1Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasySwan 2Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
EasySwan 3Pucci MauroBirds & BatsOrigami Mauro
BeginnerThree Headed CraneT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyToucanHsi-Min TaiBirds & BatsHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
BeginnerTwin CranesT.P. KongBirds & BatsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerVulturePhilip SchulzBirds & BatsStar Wars Origami
EasyWood PeckerHsi-Min TaiBirds & BatsHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
BeginnerYapping CrowTraditionalBirds & BatsOrigamiUSA
BeginnerBetthupferl BoxKlaus-Dieter EnnenBoxes & ContainersOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerBoxHyo AhnBoxes &
BeginnerClosed BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
BeginnerClosed Thin Rectangular BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
BeginnerDouble Compartment BoxDavid BrillBoxes & ContainersBrilliant Origami
EasyFive Pointed Cute Star BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
EasyFive Pointed Star BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
EasyFlower BoxHsi-Min TaiBoxes & ContainersHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
EasyFour Leaf Tato BoxChristiane BettensBoxes & ContainersLa Chronique de Melisande
BeginnerFour Pointed Cute Star BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
BeginnerFour Pointed Star BoxTraditionalBoxes &
BeginnerLarge Square BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
BeginnerRectangular BoxHyo AhnBoxes &
EasyRose Candy BoxleidygraBoxes & ContainersNeorigami
BeginnerSquare BoxUnknownBoxes & ContainersGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerTraditional Japanese BoxUnknownBoxes & ContainersGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyTreasure ChestRobin GlynnBoxes &
BeginnerVaseUnknownBoxes & ContainersFish Goth
EasyVaseYuri ShumakovBoxes & ContainersOriland
BeginnerAllosaurusHiroaki TakaiDinosaursTomodachi Museum
BeginnerBaby VelociraptorJonny BravoDinosaursPassion Origami
EasyBrontosaurusPucci MauroDinosaursOrigami Mauro
BeginnerDimetrodonT.P. KongDinosaursT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyOrnithomimusMark LeonardDinosaursMark Leonard's Origami Page
EasyProtoceratopsT.P. KongDinosaursT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyPteranodonT.P. KongDinosaursT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyPterodactylPhilip SchulzDinosaursStar Wars Origami
IntermediateSpinosaurusShuki KatoDinosaursDrop Box
EasyTyrannosaurusUnknownDinosaursFish Goth
BeginnerVelociraptorJonny BravoDinosaursPassion Origami
AdvancedChinese DragonHoang Trung ThanhDragonsPassion Origami
EasyChinese DragonPeter
AdvancedChinese DragonPucci MauroDragonsOrigami Mauro
EasyDragonFernando Gilgado
BeginnerDragonGilad AharoniDragonsGilad's Origami Page
EasyDragonJohn SzingerDragonsZing-Man Origami
EasyDragonJozsef ZsebeDragonsOrigami Deutschland
EasyDragonMark OrmeDragonsHappy Folding
EasyDragonPucci MauroDragonsOrigami Mauro
EasyDragonT.P. KongDragonsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
IntermediateDragon HeadPucci MauroDragonsOrigami Mauro
EasyDragon in FlightCharles EsseltineDragonsHappy Folding
EasyEastern DragonJoseph WuDragonsJoseph Wu Origami
EasyRearing DragonMarc KirschenbaumDragonsp. 1, p. 2, p. 3, p. 4, p. 5, p. 6
AdvancedWyvernPucci MauroDragonsOrigami Mauro
BeginnerAngelfishT.P. KongFish & Sea CreaturesT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyBlue AngelfishT.P. KongFish & Sea CreaturesT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyCrabEhara MasayukiFish & Sea
BeginnerCrabNick RobinsonFish & Sea CreaturesNeorigami
BeginnerEagle RayPaulius MielinisFish & Sea CreaturesHappy Folding
BeginnerFishPucci MauroFish & Sea CreaturesOrigami Mauro
BeginnerFishPucci MauroFish & Sea CreaturesOrigami Mauro
BeginnerGoldfishT.P. KongFish & Sea CreaturesT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerGoldfishTraditionalFish & Sea
EasyGreat White SharkJoseph WuFish & Sea CreaturesJoseph Wu Origami
EasyHermit CrabPucci MauroFish & Sea CreaturesOrigami Mauro
EasyKiller WhaleRobert Lang (russian)Fish & Sea
IntermediateLobsterManuel Sirgo AlvarezFish & Sea CreaturesMedia Fire
EasyRaysHoang Tien QuyetFish & Sea CreaturesNeorigami
EasySea HorseJacques KohlerFish & Sea CreaturesOrigami Deutschland
EasySharkFernando GilgadoFish & Sea
EasySharkSergio SpinoloFish & Sea CreaturesNeorigami
EasyShark AttackJeremy ShaferFish & Sea CreaturesBARF
EasyShellDavid DerudasFish & Sea
EasyTancho OrandaRonald KohFish & Sea CreaturesGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyTropical FishPucci MauroFish & Sea CreaturesOrigami Mauro
IntermediateAngled Kawasaki RoseT. KawasakiFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerBase for Kawasaki’s RoseJoseph WuFlowersJoseph Wu Origami
EasyBell FlowerYuri ShumakovFlowersOriland
EasyBow Tie Rose BaseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyBudding Kawasaki RoseT. KawasakiFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyCandlestick Rose Base 1Hyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyCandlestick Rose Base 2Hyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyCompass RoseJorma OksanenFlowersOrigami Seiten
BeginnerDaffodilMark LeonardFlowersMark Leonard's Origami Page
EasyDream RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyDream RosebudHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyEasy Origami RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFan CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFan Rose BaseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerFioreRiccardo CollettoFlowersPassion Origami
EasyFive Fold RoseJohn SzingerFlowersZing-Man Origami
IntermediateFive Petal RoseMartí
EasyFive Petal Rose 1Hyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFive Petal Rose 2Hyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFive Petal Spiral RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFive Petal Standard RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFive Sepals Standard CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFive Sepals Super CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFive Sepals Superior CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyFlower 1Pucci MauroFlowersOrigami Mauro
EasyFlower 2Pucci MauroFlowersOrigami Mauro
EasyFull Bloom Kawasaki’s RoseKawasakiFlowersBloom 4 Ever
IntermediateFuller Bloom Kawasaki RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
IntermediateFullest Bloom Kawasaki RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyKawasaki’s Rose 8 PetalsD. LlavanerasFlowersPassion Origami
EasyKong's RoseT.P. KongFlowersT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyLotusEric BergmarkFlowersPassion Origami
EasyLotusYuri ShumakovFlowersOriland
EasyLovely RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
IntermediateNew Swirl Kawasaki RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerPaper Rose StemHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyPhalaenopsisT.P. KongFlowersT.P. Kong's Origami Website
EasyPinwheel Rose BaseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyPretty RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyQT RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerSakurasoMitsunobu SonobeFlowersHappy Folding
EasySaucer Rose Base 1Hyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySaucer Rose Base 2Hyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySeashell CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySeashell Rose BaseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerSimple Flower BaseMarcio NoguchiFlowersEric Madrigal's Flickr
EasySingle Leaf for RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySnapdragonPucci MauroFlowersOrigami Mauro
EasySpinning Top RoseUnknownFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySpiral RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyStandard RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyStandard Rose CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerSunflowerUnknownFlowersGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasySuper Rose CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySuperior CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySupreme CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasySwirl RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
IntermediateTriple Leaf for RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
BeginnerTulipTakashi TanakaFlowersJisaku Jien Origami
EasyUltimate CalyxHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyValentine RoseHyo AhnFlowersBloom 4 Ever
EasyWaterlilyPucci MauroFlowersOrigami Mauro
BeginnerWildflowerMarcela BrinaFlowersOrigami Artis Bellus
EasyYellow RoseT.P. KongFlowersT.P. Kong's Origami Website
Beginner3D Christmas TreeCharles EsseltineHolidaysHappy Folding
BeginnerChrismukkah TreeGilad AharoniHolidaysGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerChristmas OrnamentCharles EsseltineHolidaysHappy Folding
BeginnerChristmas TreeTraditionalHolidaysOrigamiUSA
BeginnerNativity SceneGerardoHolidaysNeorigami
EasyPumpkin TatoMarcela BrinaHolidaysOrigami Artis Bellus
EasySanta ClausNicholas TerryHolidaysNicolas Terry's Homepage
BeginnerSnowman with Santa HatJoseph WuHolidaysJoseph Wu Origami
EasyVirgin of GuadalupeVitzkapHolidaysNeorigami
EasyAntLuca VadalaInsectsPassion Origami
IntermediateBeetleYamaInsectsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyButterflyJohn SzingerInsectsZing-Man Origami
EasyButterflyT.P. KongInsectsT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerButterflyUnknownInsectsOrigami by Tchami
EasyButterfly 1Pucci MauroInsectsOrigami Mauro
EasyButterfly 2Pucci MauroInsectsOrigami Mauro
EasyButterfly 3Pucci MauroInsectsOrigami Mauro
EasyButterfly 4Pucci MauroInsectsOrigami Mauro
EasyButterfly 5Pucci MauroInsectsOrigami Mauro
EasyChocolate Covered AntJeremy ShaferInsectsBARF
BeginnerDollar ButterflyJoe GilardiInsectspart 1, part 2, part 3
EasyDragonflyChris HeynenInsectsPassion Origami
EasyScorpionDiego Fernando BecerraInsectsPassion Origami
BeginnerScorpionJozsef ZsebeInsectsOrigami Deutschland
EasySlugChris HeynenInsectsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
BeginnerSnailJozsef ZsebeInsectsOrigami Deutschland
EasySnailUnknownInsectsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasySpider on LeafDiego Fernando BecerraInsectsPassion Origami
EasySpotted ButterflyAlfredo GiuntaInsectsGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyTarantulaDiego Fernando BecerraInsectsPassion Origami
EasyTickSebastian ArellanoInsectsPassion Origami
EasyWaspJ. Anibal
BeginnerAli DishNick RobinsonMiscellaneousNick Robinson's Homepage
EasyAncient Chinese Wine CupChung CheungMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyBallet DressQuentin TrollipMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerBookmarksNick RobinsonMiscellaneousThe British Origami Society
EasyBow TiePucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
BeginnerBucks MoneyGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerCandyGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerChecker PieceSy ChenMiscellaneousOrigamiUSA
BeginnerCheckerboardSy ChenMiscellaneousOrigamiUSA
BeginnerCheeseburgerCharles EsseltineMiscellaneousHappy Folding
BeginnerChess SetJoseph WuMiscellaneousJoseph Wu Origami
EasyChimpanzee HeadQuentin TrollipMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerClockRobin GlynnMiscellaneousRobin's Origami Page
BeginnerCluster PlaneCharles EsseltineMiscellaneousHappy Folding
BeginnerCoke BottleGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerConstruction SetTorsten DreesMiscellaneousOrigami Deutschland
EasyCrane 2000 SignPucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
EasyCrownPucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
BeginnerCrownTraditionalMiscellaneousThe British Origami Society
BeginnerCrownTraditionalMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyDon't Worry, Be HappyMario
BeginnerDressHsi-Min TaiMiscellaneousHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
EasyEiffel TowerRobin GlynnMiscellaneousJoseph Wu Origami
BeginnerEnvelopePucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
EasyEnvelopePucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
BeginnerEnvelope with CraneMinako
BeginnerEnvelope with TrianglesL. AndreyMiscellaneousPassion Origami
BeginnerEyeglassesCharles EsseltineMiscellaneousHappy Folding
BeginnerFaceNick RobinsonMiscellaneousThe British Origami Society
EasyFigure "2000"Stefan DelecatMiscellaneousOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerFrameKatrin ShumakovMiscellaneousOriland
BeginnerGmail LogoGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerHackey SackWinson ChanMiscellaneousJoseph Wu Origami
BeginnerHeart EnvelopeLukyanov AndreyMiscellaneousPassion Origami
BeginnerHeart EnvelopeUnknownMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerHeart of a ClownGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerHeart RingUnknownMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyHeart WingsNguyen Hung CuongMiscellaneousPassion Origami
BeginnerKissing Crane Picture FrameMarcela BrinaMiscellaneousOrigami Artis Bellus
EasyLady and SwanLuca VitaglianoMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerLight BulbAndres SanchezMiscellaneousPassion Origami
EasyLittle Bird on a BoxGabriel
EasyLittle Bird x2Gabriel
BeginnerModern AirplaneUnknownMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerMortarboardPhilip SchulzMiscellaneousStar Wars Origami
BeginnerMr. MuppetGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerNapkin ServerTraditionalMiscellaneousThe British Origami Society
EasyNo Limits SportsPucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
BeginnerPhoto FrameUnknownMiscellaneousCecilia's Origami Website
BeginnerPicture FrameLarry HartMiscellaneousThe British Origami Society
BeginnerPicture FrameUnknownMiscellaneousBritish Origami Society
EasyPicture FrameGiovanna TonnazoMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerPopsicleGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
EasyPortfolioPucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
EasyPortfolio Method 2Pucci MauroMiscellaneousOrigami Mauro
BeginnerReading the PaperHerman GoubergenMiscellaneousOrigami Deutschland
EasyRubber DuckyJeremy ShaferMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerScarecrowChing-Yu HungMiscellaneousZen of Origami
EasyScissorsLionel MilletMiscellaneousOrigami Societeit Nederland
BeginnerShirtUnknownMiscellaneousThe British Origami Society
BeginnerShirtUnknownMiscellaneousOrigami Hatake
BeginnerShirt and TieJose Angel IranzoMiscellaneousPassion Origami
BeginnerSkateboardQuentin TrollipMiscellaneousLive Origami
BeginnerSnow ShovelCharles EsseltineMiscellaneousHappy Folding
EasySnowflakeJoseph WuMiscellaneousJoseph Wu Origami
EasySpringBen TrumboreMiscellaneousSpring into Action
BeginnerSquare Envelope 1Lukyanov AndreyMiscellaneousPassion Origami
BeginnerSquare Envelope 2Lukyanov AndreyMiscellaneousPassion Origami
EasySt. George's CrossHibaMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerStar DishNick RobinsonMiscellaneousNick Robinson's Homepage
BeginnerStar FrameOrigami DiagramMiscellaneousOrigami Diagram
BeginnerStraw RingOrigami DiagramMiscellaneousOrigami Diagram
BeginnerStriped ShirtJose Angel IranzoMiscellaneousPassion Origami
EasySwordHsi-Min TaiMiscellaneousHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
BeginnerTable RacerCharles EsseltineMiscellaneousHappy Folding
BeginnerTalking BirdOrigami DiagramMiscellaneousOrigami Diagram
EasyTeapotChing-Yu HungMiscellaneousZen of Origami
BeginnerTelephoneTorsten DreesMiscellaneousOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerThe Singing FishGilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerThe Wings of LoveChristophe BoudiasMiscellaneousPassion Origami
BeginnerTieJuan Pedro RubioMiscellaneousPassion Origami
EasyTutankhamun MaskMarcela BrinaMiscellaneousOrigami Artis Bellus
EasyTwo Pocket EnvelopeGerardoMiscellaneousNeorigami
EasyVampire Bat FaceNick RobinsonMiscellaneousGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerVampire MouthJeremy ShaferMiscellaneousBARF
BeginnerWaaaaah!!Gilad AharoniMiscellaneousGilad's Origami Page
BeginnerZap PlaneOrigami DiagramMiscellaneousOrigami Diagram
EasyAngelNeal EliasMythologyGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerAngelRafal SabataMythologyDesign in Origami
EasyCentaurPucci MauroMythologyOrigami Mauro
EasyCherubHerman Van GoubergenMythologyGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyDaedalusGabriel AlvarezMythologyGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyDamaMario Adrados
EasyFairyDavid BrillMythologyBrilliant Origami
EasyPegasusAngel SotoMythologyDesign in Origami
EasyPegasusT.P. KongMythologyT.P. Kong's Origami Website
BeginnerPhantomJonny BravoMythologyPassion Origami
AdvancedPhoenixPucci MauroMythologyOrigami Mauro
EasyPhoenix HeadPucci MauroMythologyOrigami Mauro
EasySirenLuca VitaglianoMythologyCentro Diffusione Origami
EasyWinged TigerJ. Anibal
EasyWitch on
EasyBallerinaPucci MauroPeopleOrigami Mauro
BeginnerBride and GroomJoseph WuPeopleJoseph Wu Origami
EasyCool DadMarcela BrinaPeopleArtis Bellus
EasyDancerPucci MauroPeopleOrigami Mauro
EasyGirl in a DressStephen WeissPeopleBARF
EasyHairy ManNick RobinsonPeopleGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
IntermediateJesterFernando GilgadoPeopleGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerOrigameepleGilad AharoniPeopleGilad's Origami Page
EasyScuba SteveWonkoPeopleNeorigami
EasySnowboarderPucci MauroPeopleOrigami Mauro
EasySorcererPerry BaileyPeoplepart 1, part 2, part 3
EasySuper DudeWonkoPeopleNeorigami
EasySurfer on a WaveJeremy ShaferPeopleBARF
EasyTwinsPucci MauroPeopleOrigami Mauro
IntermediateDead TreeCu' Kim NgocPlantsPassion Origami
BeginnerMushroomUnknownPlantsMaarten Van Gelder's Website
BeginnerBaby SnakeHsi-Min TaiReptilesHsi-Min Tai's Flickr
EasyLizardJohn SzingerReptilesZing-Man Origami
EasyLizardPucci MauroReptilesOrigami Mauro
IntermediateSnapping TurtleJohn SzingerReptilesZing-Man Origami
EasyTortoisePucci MauroReptilesOrigami Mauro
EasyAirshipJens-Helge DahmenScience FictionOrigami Deutschland
EasyBird of PreyJens-Helge DahmenScience FictionOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerBorg CubeJens-Helge DahmenScience FictionOrigami Deutschland
EasyEnterpriseJeremy ShaferScience FictionBARF
EasyEnterpriseShu SugamataScience FictionPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
EasyHammerheadPhilip SchulzScience FictionStar Wars Origami
EasyKlingon Battle CruiserShu SugamataScience FictionPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
EasyPrometheusJens-Helge DahmenScience FictionOrigami Deutschland
EasySpacecraft SemurahjmpsuperhornetScience FictionNeorigami
EasyStarship Troopers BugPhilip SchulzScience FictionStar Wars Origami
Easy2D Five Pointed StarHyo AhnShapes &
Easy2D Four Pointed StarHyo AhnShapes &
Beginner2D HeartHyo AhnShapes &
Easy3D Five Pointed StarHyo AhnShapes &
Easy3D Four Pointed StarHyo AhnShapes &
Easy3D HeartHyo AhnShapes &
Easy3D Open HeartHyo AhnShapes &
Beginner16 Point Modular StarMarc KirschenbaumShapes & ModularOrigamiUSA
BeginnerA4 Rhombic UnitNick RobinsonShapes &
EasyA4 Ruby UnitNick RobinsonShapes &
EasyBlintz IcosidodecahedronTung Ken LamShapes & ModularMaarten Van Gelder's Homepage
EasyBox StarPucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyCamelliaTanya VysochinaShapes & Modulartigreshenaka's Livejournal Gallery
BeginnerCherry BlossomLeroyShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerChinese Lucky StarsUnknownShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerCrossing HearsJavier CaboblancoShapes & ModularOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerCubeLukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
EasyCurlerHerman Van GoubergenShapes & ModularBritish Origami Society
EasyDahliaTanya VysochinaShapes & Modulartigreshenaka's Livejournal Gallery
BeginnerDaisy CubeMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
EasyDouble Star FlexicubeDavid BrillShapes & ModularDavid Brill’s Website
BeginnerEifel StarHans-Werner GuthShapes & ModularHappy Folding
BeginnerEmbossed Five Point StarHyo AhnShapes &
BeginnerEmbossed Four Point StarHyo AhnShapes &
EasyFiore IIColletto RiccardoShapes & ModularPassion Origami
EasyFive Pointed Seashell StarHyo AhnShapes &
EasyFive Pointed StarHyo AhnShapes &
BeginnerFive Pointed StarPucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
BeginnerFive Pointed StarUnknownShapes & ModularGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyFlat SonobeTomoko FuseShapes & ModularOrigami Modular
BeginnerFlower BallTraditionalShapes & ModularGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
BeginnerFlower CubeMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
EasyFour Interlocking Triangular PrismsDaniel KwanShapes & ModularDaniel Kwan's Flickr
BeginnerFour Point StarHyo AhnShapes &
EasyFour Pointed Seashell StarHyo AhnShapes &
BeginnerHeartPucci MauroShapes & ModularMauro Origami
BeginnerHeart 1Lukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerHeart 2Lukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerHeart 3Lukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerHeart 4Lukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerHeart 5Lukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerHeart CoasterLukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
EasyHeart with a FanLukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
EasyHerrnhut StarMatthias EichelShapes & ModularOrigami Deutschland
EasyKantenmodulCarmen SprungShapes & ModularCarmen's Origami Seiten
BeginnerLetter ALukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerLetter LLukyanov AndreyShapes & ModularPassion Origami
BeginnerMagic RingsThoki YennShapes & ModularErik Demaine
EasyMinaEnrica DrayShapes & ModularOrigami Modulari
BeginnerOctagon with StarFrancesco GuarnieriShapes & ModularCentro Diffusione Origami
EasyOne Piece StarJohn MontrollShapes &
EasyOxi ModuleMichal KosmulskiShapes & ModularMichal Kosmulski's Homepage
EasyPenultimate UnitRobert NealeShapes & ModularJames S. Plank
EasyPinwheelCarmen SprungShapes & ModularCarmen's Origami Seiten
EasyPinwheelPucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyPinwheel StarJuan Lopez FigueroaShapes &
BeginnerPlane CubesMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerPure HeartCharles EsseltineShapes & ModularHappy Folding
BeginnerRay CubeMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerSimple CrossNick RobinsonShapes & ModularThe British Origami Society
EasySix Intersecting PentagramsF. ManciniShapes & Modularmancinerie's Flickr
EasySix Pentagonal PrismsDaniel KwanShapes & ModularDaniel Kwan's Flickr
BeginnerSix Pointed StarCarmen SprungShapes & ModularCarmen's Origami Seiten
EasySix Pointed StarPucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
BeginnerSix Pointed StarUnknownShapes & ModularGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasySnapologyHeinz StroblShapes & ModularHaligami World
BeginnerSonobe VariationRosa SanchezShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
EasySpiked Pentakis DodecahedronMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerStarPucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 01Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 02Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 03Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 04Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 05Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 06Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 07Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 08Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 09Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 10Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 11Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 12Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 13Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 14Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 15Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 16Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 17Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 18Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
EasyStar 19Pucci MauroShapes & ModularOrigami Mauro
BeginnerStar of BonnCarmen SprungShapes & ModularOrigami Deutschland
EasyStar “Margarete”Wilhelm MollerShapes & ModularOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerStarflowerCarmen SprungShapes & ModularOrigami Deutschland
BeginnerStella RhombicaLukasheva EkaterinaShapes & ModularKusudama Me!
EasyStellated Rhombic DodecahedronJ. MoselyShapes & ModularOrigami Tanteidan
BeginnerSuper Simple HeartMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerSuper Simple Isosceles Triangle UnitMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerThatch CubeMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
EasyTrimoduleNick RobinsonShapes &
BeginnerTwo Thirds SonobeMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
BeginnerWhirl CubeMeenakshi MukerjiShapes & ModularOrigami Modular Mania
EasyWolbashiJuan Lopez FigueroaShapes & Modularwolbashi's Deviant Art
EasyXeniaAnna LarionovaShapes & ModularIIIypIIIyH4uK's Flickr
BeginnerXYZmbeNick RobinsonShapes &
EasyYama FlowerYamaShapes & ModularGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasyYoshino Star 2MaekawaShapes & ModularOrigami Tanteidan
BeginnerA-WingAdam BlackStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyAT-AT WalkerPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyAT-ST WalkerPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
BeginnerBanthaChris AlexanderStar WarsStar Wars Origami Designs
BeginnerBoba Fett's HelmetChris AlexanderStar WarsStar Wars Origami Designs
EasyChi-Wing FighterWayne KoStar WarsJoseph Wu Origami
BeginnerDarth Vader's Tie FighterChris HeynenStar WarsStar Wars Origami Designs
EasyDestroyer DroidPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyImperial ShuttleRafal SabataStar WarsDesign in Origami
BeginnerJedi StarfighterAlex HeatherStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyLand SpeederShu SugamataStar WarsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
BeginnerMillenium FalconChris AlexanderStar WarsStar Wars Origami Designs
BeginnerMillenium FalconPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyMillenium FalconShu SugamataStar WarsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
EasyNaboo StarfighterPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyR2-D2Philip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasySlave IPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyStar DestroyerPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
BeginnerTie BomberPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
BeginnerTie FighterPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyTie FighterShu SugamataStar WarsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
BeginnerTie InterceptorPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyX-WingPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyX-WingAlex CrosseStar WarsICSF
EasyX-WingShu SugamataStar WarsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
EasyY-WingPhilip SchulzStar WarsStar Wars Origami
EasyYodaFumiaki KawahataStar
EasyYodaMarcela BrinaStar WarsOrigami Artis Bellus
BeginnerBoatNick RobinsonVehiclesThe British Origami Society
EasyBulldozerPhilip SchulzVehiclesStar Wars Origami
BeginnerDump TruckPhilip SchulzVehiclesStar Wars Origami
EasyExcavatorPhilip SchulzVehiclesStar Wars Origami
BeginnerFinny Freestyle FlyerCharles EsseltineVehiclesHappy Folding
EasyImmortal AirplaneSipho MabonaVehiclesPassion Origami
BeginnerOne Dollar TankCharles EsseltineVehiclesHappy Folding
EasyP51 MustangLee Jae GuVehiclesPassion Origami
BeginnerSailboatTraditionalVehiclesThe British Origami Society
BeginnerSmall PlaneJose Arley MorenoVehiclesGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
EasySpace ShuttleN.J. RobinsonVehiclesGabriel Vong's Ori-Scope
IntermediateSpace ShuttleShu SugamataVehiclesPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
BeginnerSubmarineRobin GlynnVehiclesRobin's Origami Page
BeginnerToy CarHerman Van GoubergenVehiclesOrigami Deutschland
EasyTrain Engine and CarsPhilip SchulzVehiclesStar Wars Origami
EasyVW Bug CarCharles EsseltineVehiclesHappy Folding
EasyQuake 3 SymbolPucci MauroVideo GamesOrigami Mauro
Our Favourite Books

Looking for More Awesome Things to Fold?

Instructions for the best origami models can only be found in books. If you're looking for more awesome things to fold check out our list of favourite books. We've written reviews and made lists of the models you'll find in each one. No matter what you're looking for you'll definitely find some cool things to fold.

Our Favourite Books